Some of My Self-Experiments

NOTE: My experiments are done to test substances at higher dosages so that I know they are safer for clients at lower levels and to feel the effects acutely.  When done like this, I am fully aware that negative events are likely.

Over the years, I’ve done many of these experiments and many have gone wrong.  Usually, it’s because I get impatient and want to test something more quickly.  I generally don’t learn my lesson.

Anyway, my experience is good to help me understand these substances on a more visceral level, instead of solely through reading science articles.

I am 5X more cautious with clients than I am with my own body.  It’s one thing that I mess me up, but it’s another if I mess someone else up.  I feel if I mess myself up, then I’ll fix myself eventually (although this isn’t certain), whereas I can’t control someone else’s body.

My Experiment With CBD Oil


CBD oil is relaxing, but for some reason, it kept me up at night.  I should try it with THC, which is the main cannabinoid in most of the pot that we buy.

I didn’t find it very remarkable in the daytime, even though it was relaxing without being cognitively detrimental.

I tried vaporizing it and using it under my tongue.  Both methods work, with the vaping working a bit better.

My Experiment Megadosing With L Rhamnosus

I tried first 10 caps of 5 billion organisms, then 20 on the second day and then 30 on the 3rd day, which finished the bottle.

So I took 150 billion organisms of L Rhamnosus.  I didn’t take it alone and I can’t say that I experienced anything too significant.

This is the only probiotic that I megadosed that didn’t give me any gas.  I feel like this one is a good one for me.

My Experiment With Megadosing L Acidophilus


I first took 10 pills the first day, 20 pills the next day and 30 pills on the last day, for a total of 60 caps in the bottle.

So I ingest a total of 300 billion organisms over 3 days or 150 billion on the last day.

It didn’t seem to do much.  I’m not sure I even noticed a significant effect, but as opposed to some other experiments with probiotics, it didn’t give me gas…

There were many confounding variables, but given the fact that I didn’t notice a significant effect still says something.

Verdict: This is not a probiotic that I’m going to go out of my way to take, but it’s not bad for me.  I would like my probiotics to have some of this.

My Experiment With Megadosing S Boulardii and L Plantarum

I’ve been trying to see which probiotics work for me individually.

I tried to mega dose S Boulardii and L Plantarum separately and each of them gave me significant gas and did not work for me.

I Love Adaptogens, But You Have to Use The Right Types

I’ve recently taken a strong liking to adaptogens, but this was only possible because you have to get the right types and know how to use it.

I use Schisandra and Rhodiola in the morning or afternoon and Eleuthero  before bed.

They can be taken no matter what your immune profile is.

I use them as more of a long-term enhancement thing.  I notice they all regulate my hypothalamus well and they all potently improve mitochondrial function.  The research supports this.

I’ve taken all of these in multiple forms, and I present the ones to you which I’ve gotten the best results from.

Notice they aren’t expensive either.  Sometimes, quality costs a lot more, but not always.  This is a case where the best stuff is relatively cheap.

All of these adaptogens work differently in my subjective experience and based on the research.  So they can all be used together.

IHERB: EleutheroSchisandra, and Rhodiola.

Schisandra is Great if You Get The Right Kind


I’ve tried Schisandra before, but the whole herb/berry.   I found it made me fatigued, so I took it before bed for a while.

But it fell out of favor because it wasn’t a good tool for sleep or the daytime.

I’ve taken schisandrol A before, but it was too small of a dosage to notice.  I will retry.

Anyway, I decided to try another version of it as a concentrated supplement form.

I was surprised at how well it works.  It’s very relaxing, but not fatiguing at the same time.

Often the relaxers also cause some degree of fatigue, but not Schisandra.  It’s actually a bit energizing.

I feel it has good cognitive enhancing, anti-depressant and anti-anxiety properties.  And I must say it works somewhat uniquely, which is good.

The key is to get the right type.  I used this Schisandra (Amazon) or Schisandra (Iherb).

This will be a good addition to my toolkit. I need to take 2 caps to feel it noticeably.

Rhodiola is Great if You Know How to Use it and Which One to Buy


I first took Rhodiola about 6 years ago, but it kind of fell out of favor.

The reason it fell out of favor is because I used it without understanding how to use it and I bought a different version that I didn’t get a good effect from.

Also, studies didn’t show it was an anti-inflammatory, and as long as inflammation was my main issue, that’s what I needed to focus on.  I also didn’t notice any strong anti-inflammatory effects.

Rhodiola is also marketed as a performance enhancer, which I don’t find to be true, at least not while you’re on it.  I can’t exercise as well and my mind is too relaxed for it to work when I used to cram for a test.

So I don’t recommend trying to use this as a performance enhancer in the short term, but it will increase your performance in the long run by normalizing your hypothalamus and increasing mitochondrial function.

So for these reasons, I stopped using it.

However, as my body has changed (less inflammation), my needs are also shifting.

For me, my main goal currently is to rebuild my mitochondria and Rhodiola is a very good molecule for that.

I also realized that the main molecule for this is salidroside and most only contain 1% salidroside.  So I looked for the ones with the most salidroside and gave it a go.  Indeed, these works very well for me.

It’s pretty relaxing, but not fatiguing at the same time. Often the relaxers also cause some degree of fatigue, but not Rhodiola.

I feel it has good cognitive enhancing, anti-depressant and anti-anxiety properties.

My experimental dosage was 1000mg Rhodiola (Amazon) and I found this to be a good dosage in isolation, actually.  You probably want to take less if you’re stacking this.  The linked Rhodiola has more than 3% salidroside.

On Iherb, I found these:

Rhodiola is a nice addition to my toolkit.

My Experiment With RiboGen

I decided to try RiboGen after a client mentioned that it worked for him.

RiboGen, a proprietary extract of the French oak tree and provides unique bioactive polyphenol compounds called roburins.

Roburins increase gene production of ribosomes, which are the small molecular factories in the cell that create proteins in the body.

In a human study, researchers found that RiboGen provided the following benefits:

  • 18% reduction in weakness and exhaustion.
  • 44% reduction in unrefreshing sleep.
  • 33% reduction in head discomfort.
  • 51% reduction in joint discomfort.
  • 63% reduction in muscle discomfort.

I took 2 capsules of Ribogen and I’ve found it to be quite energizing.  It has somewhat of a different mechanism of action as other supplements, so it’s a good addition.

I also felt that it worked uniquely, so I am excited about incorporating it into my toolkit – 1 capsule a day in the morning.

Buy Ribogen (Amazon) or Ribogen (Iherb)

MSH Caused Cognitive Dysfunction

I tried MSH the other day and it caused cognitive dysfunction for about 5 hours.  I’m not sure why, but I don’t recommend.

Improved Sleep With Magnetico Sleep Pad

I recently decided to try the Magnetico sleep pad (use the code JC15 for 15% off) after a few clients reported positive results and because I’ve been reading Jack Kruse’s material a bit and it seemed to be his strongest recommendation.

I was skeptical, but I decided to give it a go…because my job is to find the best ways to enhance wellbeing.

The Magnetico seems super-quackery because it’s a static magnet, but I decided to give it a go anyway.

I was feeling like a sucker before I tried it.  I figured I was going to send it back and take a hit with the restocking fee and shipping.

I decided to get the strongest system because I needed to feel if it worked.

I was joking with a friend that they’re probably laughing at me for buying junk yard magnets that needed to be disposed of.

Kidding aside, I noticed a surprisingly strong effect and my sleep has certainly improved.

Ever since using it, I’ve been sleeping like a baby.

This could just be a coincidence or it can be a placebo effect.  If it’s a placebo, then it’s a better placebo than other things that I’ve tried.  I wish I could do a mega-dose on this.

I’m very happy that I’ve bought it and don’t plan on returning it.

The effects are different than PEMF/ICES.  I feel more grounded when I use the magnetico, whereas ICES is more stimulating.  ICES is significantly stronger than the static magnets.

I am pretty much 100% sure that ICES is having an effect, whereas I am 75% sure that the static magnets are having an effect.

I don’t get any effect from homeopathy or from supplements like GABA that don’t cross the BBB (took 15 caps).  So I might be sensitive to selective placebos.

Now the question is if I will recommend this to others.  I don’t feel comfortable recommending this right now for a few reasons.

1) I need to do more A/B testing and take out some confounding variables.  This is especially the case for something like this because I haven’t read any basic science on it or animal studies.

2) I need to see if it works in the long run.

3) It’s very expensive.

4) I don’t know the science of it or the mechanisms well.  I have to get a better grip on the basic science before I recommend it.

5) I would like to hear more feedback from clients.

Anyway, because I like it for myself, I decided to become an affiliate.

So if you do your own research and you decide to buy it you can use the code JC15 for 15% off.  But I don’t plan on promoting this yet like I’ve said.

The bottom line is that if you’ve got a lot of money and self-hacking is your thing, then it’s not a bad idea to experiment with it.  I would suggest getting the super sleep system.

As I experiment with it more, I will update my experience.  If I notice that it certainly has a strong effect and it lasts, I will then decide to promote this.

I use the “Super Sleep System” Magnetico sleep pad, which is the one I have.  You probably won’t get the results from the weaker versions. So if you do your own research and you decide to buy it you can use the code JC15 for 15% off.

See Dr. Jack Kruse discuss it.

See Dr. Bonlie discusses it.

What Does the Science on Magnets Say?

The magnets of magnetico are 20 gauss or 2mT.

“These results indicate that exposure to Static Magnet Fields has significant biological effects in some, but not all types of human cells.” (R)  The study speaks about much stronger magnets, but we see they’re not inert.

“Exposure to SMF (128 mT, 1 h/day, during 5 consecutive days) induced sympathetic neurons system hyperactivity associated with hypoxia-like status…and elevated plasma corticosterone and metallothionein concentrations and enhanced apoptosis [53, 54]. Hashish et al. [8] indicate that there is a relation between the exposure to SMF and the oxidative stress through distressing redox balance leading to physiological disturbances. SMF exposure induced probably the disruption of mineral divalent element homeostasis, contributing to their deficiency in tissues [43, 44, 46, 50]. Agay et al. [55] have demonstrated that alteration of antioxidant trace elements (Zn, Se, and Cu) disrupts the activities of antioxidant enzymes. Duda et al. [56] reported a change in liver and kidneys concentration of copper, manganese, cobalt and iron in rats exposed to static and low-frequency magnetic fields. SMF probably induces a conformational change of antioxidant enzymes that leads to loss of their catalytic activity [56].”  (R)

“In contrast, when the homogenates were incubated with FeCl3 in an SMF (2–4 mT), the accumulation of TBARS was decreased. The accumulation of TBARS in phosphatidylcholine solution incubated with FeCl3 and H2O2 was also inhibited by the SMF exposure. These results suggest that the SMF could have an inhibitory effect on Fe2+-induced lipid peroxidation, and the effectiveness of this SMF suppression on Fe2+-induced ROS generation is restricted to a “window” of the field intensity of 2 to 4 mT.” (R)

Magnetico has 2 mT, so it’s at least somewhat plausible that it functions as an antioxidant if we are to give credence to cellular studies.  And this was only when they added iron to the medium.

In cells it can also change calcium levels, which are EXTREMELY important for normal cellular function:

“However, an increasing evidence indicates that SMFs are capable of altering apoptosis, mainly through modulation of Ca2+ influx. Tenuzzo et al. [74] observed that exposure to a 6-mT SMF affects the apoptotic rate in isolated human lymphocytes, the expression and distribution of pro- and antiapoptotic genes, and the concentration of intracellular Ca2+. They also suggest that modulation of the apoptotic rate is not a consequence of the direct physical interaction between the field and the apoptotic inducers but the final result of multiple perturbations of Ca2+-regulated activity and gene-related transcription factors and membrane components, which collectively affect the apoptotic response.”  (R)

“Hao et al. [83] investigated whether SMFs (8.8 mT, for 12 h) can enhance the killing effect of adriamycin (ADM) in human leukemia cells (K562). The authors showed that SMF exposure enhanced the cytotoxicity potency of ADM on K562 cells and suggested that the decrease in P-glycoprotein expression may be one reason underlying this effect.” (R)

Sarvestani et al. [84] evaluated the influence of an SMF (15 mT, for 5 h) on the progression of cell cycle in rat BMSCs. The cells were divided into two groups. One group was exposed to SMF alone, whereas the other group was exposed to X-rays before SMF exposure. The population of cells did not show any significant difference in the first group, but the second group exposed to acute radiation before SMF exposure showed a significant increase in the number of cells in the G2/M phase. The SMF intensified the effects of X-ray exposure, whereas SMF alone did not have any detectable influence on cell cycle.”  (R)

“HL-60 cells were exposed to SMF of 6 mT with or without DNA topoisomerase I inhibitor, camptothecin for 5 h. SMF alone did not produce any apoptogenic or neurogenic effect in HL-60 cells [79]. SMFs alone or in combination with camptothecin did not affect overall cell viability, but they accelerated the rate of cell transition from apoptosis to secondary necrosis after induction of apoptosis by camptothecin.” (R)

“In an in vivo experiment, mice bearing murine Lewis lung carcinomas (LLCs) were treated with 3 mT SMF for 35 min/day and cisplatin (3 mg/kg, i.p.) [96]. The survival time of mice treated with cisplatin and SMF was significantly longer than that of mice treated only with cisplatin or SMF exposure. These results show that SMF can inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells, and the killing effects of SMF combined with antineoplastic drugs on cancer cells are greater than those of SMFs or anticancer drugs alone. These observations suggest a potential strategy for chemotherapy, that is, the combination therapy of SMFs and chemotherapeutic drugs. However, so far it remains unclear which mechanism underlies the killing effects of SMFs combined with chemotherapy drugs on cancer cells.” (R)

Sun et al. [97] evaluated the ability of 8.8 mT SMFs to enhance the in vitro action of a chemotherapeutic agent, paclitaxel, against K562 human leukemia cells. The authors analyzed the cell proliferation, cell cycle distribution, DNA damage, and alteration of cell surface and cell organelle ultrastructure after K562 cells were exposed to paclitaxel in the presence or absence of SMF. the results showed that, in the presence of SMF, the efficient concentration of paclitaxel on K562 cells was decreased from 50 to 10 ng/mL.” (R)

“Chen et al. [100] investigated whether 8.8 mT SMFs can enhance the killing potency of cisplatin (DDP) in human leukemia cells (K562). The results show that SMFs enhanced the anticancer effect of DDP on K562 cells. The mechanism correlated with the DNA damage model. This study also shows the potentiality of SMFs as an adjunctive treatment method for chemotherapy.” (R)

“Considering these articles comprehensively, the conclusions are as follows: the primary cause of changes in cells after incubation in external SMF is disruption of free radical metabolism and elevation of their concentration. Such disruption causes oxidative stress and, as a result, damages ion channels, leading to changes in cell morphology and expression of different genes and proteins and also changes in apoptosis and proliferation. Moreover, based on available data, it was concluded that exposure to SMFs alone has no or extremely small effects on cell growth and genetic toxicity regardless of the magnetic density. However, in combination with other external factors such as ionizing radiation and some chemicals such as cadmium, there is evidence strongly suggesting that an SMF modifies their effects. Effects of SMFs on apoptosis are a potentially interesting phenomenon. However, these effects often depended on a cell type and were not found in various types of cells. Many researchers have observed the effects of SMFs on tumor cells, particularly the inhibiting effects. In order to reduce the toxicity and resistance of single anticancer drugs, a variety of unified treatments were required. The synergy of magnetic fields and anticancer drugs was one of the methods. It provides a new strategy for the effective treatment of cancer.  These studies provide valuable insight into the phenomenon of biomagnetism and open new avenues for the development of new medical applications. Further studies are necessary to explore the mechanisms of the SMF action in more detail.” (R)

The point is that Magnetico is not supported by clinical science, but it’s certainly not implausible.

Nicotine is The Best Stimulant

I’ve been experimenting with nicotine in a few different ways – lozenges, e-cigarettes and various types of tobacco.

Nicotine is my preferred stimulant, as it doesn’t cause the same issues as caffeine.

It activates orexin and stimulates wakefulness.  Nicotine is an incredible substance and is perhaps the best cognitive enhancer out there.  The downside is that it’s addictive, which is why I support using it in a limited way.

Cerluten Works

There’s no scientific information on the Russian peptides, at least none that I’ve found.

However, I decided to give it a try for the heck of it.  First I bought Endoluten, which was actually a mistake.  I meant to buy cerluten instead.

Anyway, I couldn’t notice anything from Endoluten, even though I took like 8 pills.  But I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to feel because I took it at night and went to sleep.

So I bought Cerluten and tried that out.  I took 2 pills and didn’t notice much, if anything.  I took 4 and noticed perhaps slightly more, but still, I wasn’t sure.

At 6 pills, the effect became noticeable, with a subjective 95% chance that it had a good effect.

It was mostly relaxing, with some stimulation properties.  It’s different than other stuff.

Usually, there’s a tradeoff with relaxation and decreased cognitive oomph.  Cerluten doesn’t take the oomph out of your brain power, even though it’s relaxing.  So it’s an excellent mix, which is hard to find in supplements and devices these days.

I feel more emotional, but it’s hard to know if that’s a natural fluctuation in my state or not.

I like it, but the question is if it’s worth it.  I needed to take 6 pills to notice it to the extent that I was reasonably sure it was having an effect.

I’m glad I bought it and I’ll bet that some people will really benefit from it, but I don’t think I’m suffering from a Cerluten deficiency.  I don’t think I’ll rebuy it, but you want to try it if you’ve got some cash to blow.

A confounding variable is that I took hi-maize, which hits the next day.  I generally don’t like to take it when I’m experimenting.

UPDATE: I consumed 11 pills of it without confounding variables and I can say that it certainly does have an effect.  However, 11 pills cause some cognitive dysfunction, as it’s just too much.

If you have money and you like self-hacking, then I’d suggest trying it out.  If not, stick with other things.

PEMF is Powerful

I’m a fan of both top down and bottom up thinking with regard to solving problems.

Top down would be to investigate the mechanisms and figure out what to do based on that, and I certainly am engaged in that fully and the book will discuss this in detail.

But at the same time, discoveries are made from a bottom-up approach, as a result of random experimentation.  This is how Edison discovered the filament for light bulbs.  LSD and some of the best drugs were discovered by accident.

So I bought the PEMF device without an idea of how it could help me.  It was more of a bottom-up purchase.

I have not seen anyone use this device on their brain.  Most devices are many thousands of dollars.

When I put it on my shoulder, I noticed a pretty strong and positive effect.  Relaxing, wakeful promoting and feel good.

I finally got the guts to put it on the crown of my head.  First I put it for 15 seconds total on my head, and I had a good effect.

I decided to put it on my head for 2 minutes total all over my head around the crown area.

It’s some pretty powerful shit, and now I also know how it’s working, as it fits in with my new paradigm that I will be releasing in the book.

Anyway, just realize that it’s good stuff, but I can’t promise its long-term safety.


  • VERY calming,
  • Wakeful promoting,
  • Temporarily impairs cognitive function – but only temporary. Goes away after a bit, but long term experiments are necessary to see how it affects cognitive function in the long term.

Right now, I’m only going to recommend using it not directly on the brain, since it’s really powerful.    I recommend using it on your shoulder.

Buy: PEMF Device. If you’re in the US, you’ll need this converter as well.

UPDATE: I’ve found a device that has the same benefits, without the impaired cognition.  Don’t buy this.

I’ve Been Successful at Chemically-Inducing Love (CINDLOVE?)

I’ve been experimenting with a cocktail of drugs, supplements and lifestyle factors that make me feel like I’m in love without actually being in love with a specific person.  I am not romantically involved with anyone.

So yes, money CAN buy love – and it’s cheap 😉

Welcome to the 21st Century.

I am so fucking crazy.

I guess I’m going to have to divert it to mankind than to any specific person if I decide to keep it.  I will reveal it soon if I see this experiment is repeatable.

My Experiment With Mega-Dosing Poppy Seeds

Poppy Seeds have morphine and codeine in them. (R)

I’ve eaten 100g of the stuff and definitely felt the opioid effect.  100g equals 0.5mg-20mg of morphine. (R)  The usual morphine dosage for pain is 10-15mg.

When you consume the whole seed, you get other synergistic components.   I like it and will include it in my regimen.  It tastes delicious.

My Experiment With Mega-Dosing Hydrogen Boost

I bought Hydrogen Boost with believing that it had a very low probability of working.

I took one or two capsules and didn’t really notice much.

Randomly, I decided to take it again, but this time 6 capsules.  I can say that it certainly has a good effect.

I feel a cognitive sensation that feels somewhat similar to how I feel from other strong antioxidants, including C60.

I’d say C60 works more where it’s needed and it more long-lasting.

I’m going to incorporate Hydrogen Boost in my regimen and toolkit.

I bought this Hydrogen Boost.  It contains Potassium Citrate, Silica, Potassium Carbonate, Oleic acid, and Hydrogen Negative Ions.    I’ve tried the other ingredients and they don’t have this effect.   It’s got to be the hydrogen ions.

I’d like to point out that the effect is more intense than hydrogen water, but I think they work in different ways.

My Experiment Mega-dosing Kidney Glandular

So I had bought kidney glandular a while ago for no particular reason.  It was part of my approach for complete random experimentation.

Animal Kidneys are edible and I’ve eaten a decent amount of it before.

Anyway, I’ve taken 10 capsules of the glandular before as well, but I forgot how I felt off of it.

Instead of playing it safe, I decided to drop the rest of the bottle in the blender – must have been about 35 capsules.  Did I mention that I get impatient and that I lack self-preservation instincts?

After 20 seconds, I felt a strong buzz and my kidneys started to hurt.

Kidney pain has subsided, and now a relaxing, but strong mental sensation has taken over.  The mood is done and  cognitive function is overall down.   There’s a mix of fatigue and stimulation.  There’s also GI effects like gas and stomach upset.

I wanted to see if anyone else had an experience with this and I found someone on Longecity who found 2 capsules every other day as too powerful.  That’s BS, but it is quite powerful, at least the dosage I took.   I’m not sure what the culprit is.

Kidney glandular supplements may contain:

I used this Kidney Glandular.


I recently tested soylent and expectedly I did not have a good result.  I think it’s because of all the oat fiber lectins and somewhat because of the low-quality ingredients.   I got some acne, felt cold, started to feel sick, was very irritable and it made me sleepy – all signs of inflammation.   The verdict is NISHT.   I don’t recommend it.  Unfortunately, I will not be offering a competing product for at least 2 years.


I tested out the nasal desmopressin to see what vasopressin feels like.  I read about vasopressin, but when you feel it viscerally, it creates a new perspective.  I bought it 4 years ago and tried it, but I don’t think any made its way up my nose and I was afraid to take a real dose because I didn’t understand enough back then.

This was one of my more dangerous experiments, but my curiosity seems to be more powerful than self-preservation.    It’ll probably get me in trouble one of these days.  Anyway, it was quite interesting to feel what it was like.

It did increase orexin and wakefulness as the research suggests.  It ruined my sleep and the next day caused some cognitive dysfunction.  I don’t recommend it to anyone.   The nasal spray has been implicated in two deaths due to hyponatremia or low salt levels.  I made sure not to drink water and consumed adequate salt beforehand.

My Experiment Mega-dosing Fish Oil

I’ve recently experimented with a mega dose of EPA+DHA to see if the slight fatigue that I get from cod liver (only lasts for 10 minutes) has to do with just taking a high dosage of EPA+DHA.  So I took 5 capsules and then 10 capsules for 2 days in a row.

I’d like to mention that I don’t perform my experiments as safely as I advise others to perform them.  Curiosity is a dangerous thing for me.

Anyway, a mega dose of fish oil does not cause fatigue and actually causes wakefulness if anything, but also some cognitive dysfunction in my case (not brain fog).

I got some serious side effects.  Bradycardia was one- my pulse dropped to a low of 40, but was hovering around 45.  Second, my kidney or spleen started to hurt.  Needless to say, I’m going to be halting fish oil for 2 weeks to get my blood thicker.

Anyway, I’m happy that I finally felt the effects of fish oil acutely.  I will be taking about 1g a day in the long term.

My Experiment With High-Dose B12

I’ve been taking B vitamins for years but was never a big fan of the mega-dosing vitamins after studies came about beta-carotene and vitamin E.

When I did take B-12, I also took it with other B vitamins, so that’s a significant confounding variable.

What scared me away from mega-dosing B12, in particular, was my mother’s claim that she got neuropathy after taking really high dosages. I always figured that not much more was to be gained from going above the RDA.

In following my new strategy of testing everything in a high dosage at least once, I decided to revisit testing each B vitamin one at a time.

So I took a relatively modest dosage of Vitamin B12 (1.5mg or 25,000%) in the form of methylcobalamin.

Results: I became really sleepy for like 6 hours, but it was very relaxing.  I was expecting it to be energizing, but I guess I’m going to start experimenting with it as a sleep aid.  I also got a tinge of flushing and some random pains (very mild).

Methylation silences gene expression.  The effects I felt from B12 were the opposite of what I feel from Hi-Maize because butyrate increases gene expression.

What’s interesting is that in a clinical trial of 23 people 3mg of methylcobalamin didn’t cause drowsiness in the daytime (R).  If anything studies usually find that it increases alertness (R), so the effects were atypical.

I am almost certain that the B12 caused drowsiness for me since I took it in the morning, on an empty stomach and I stayed away from all food.  I never get really drowsy on an empty stomach, especially after a good night’s rest.

This goes to show you that you can’t trust clinical trials on what will happen to you.

Another study detailed two case reports of people with sleep-wake cycles that were off and 1.5mg of B12 helped them (R).

It could be that those who experience a boost from it are deficient.  I’m not sure.

After I got sleepy in the morning, I decided to take a mega-dose at night.  My sleep was very interesting – overall better.  It made me sleepy at night as well.

The negative was I had a benign nightmare of trying to pee and nothing was coming out.  Bizarre.  More experiments needed.

My Experience With a High Dosage of L-Histidine

I had L-Histidine lying around.  I think I bought it once upon a time to increase carnosine levels.  Anyway, I put it to my mega dosing challenge and took 5g of the stuff or 10 pills.

I became really tired and weak.  Cognitive function dropped. When I took my usual walk I became really weak.  I think this is because L-histidine increases the amount of glycogen stored in the liver and my liver didn’t want to break down glycogen to give me glucose.   It did feel like hypoglycemia.

My Experiment With  Disposable Gloves For a #2.

A few months back I thought of the idea to use disposable gloves (or Ebay)when I go to the bathroom.

My Logic:  Taking a dump is a messy/dirty business and I like to keep the natural anti-microbial oils of my skin.  I don’t like washing my hands more than once or twice a day and I don’t like germs.  And sometimes my hands smell even after washing it with soap.  So I figured I’ll use disposable gloves.

My Results: I am very pleased with my experiment and disposable glove wearing will become an integral part of my toilet routine,  which already includes baby wipes (if you don’t use baby wipes, you’re missing out).   At about 10 cents a pop, the cost is certainly justified.

I wash my hands  about once a day.  However, I also don’t touch knobs to decrease my exposure to pathogens.

My Experiment With Niacinamide

I decided to experiment with 1500mg of Niacinamide (Niacinamide Ebay or Niacinamide) AKA nicotinic acid.  The point was to increase NAD+, as I get good results with Nicotinamide Riboside.   Some people have gotten good results with Niacinamide.

Screenshot 2014-12-30 19.02.54

Screenshot 2015-01-01 10.39.13



  • Fatigue – for the first 1.5 hours, mixed with energy
  • Some very minor pains- for the first 1.5 hours
  • A minor redness- for the first 1.5 hours
  • Energy without fatigue after 1.5 hours, as I get from Niagen

Verdict: I’ll be using maybe 50-100mg of Niacinamide (Powder) a day.  I don’t want to take this in high dosages.

You can try any dosage or brand of Niacinamide.

Both Niagen and nicotinamide are better for people with Th2 dominance.

My Experiment With MitoQ

MitoQ is an antioxidant supplement, but unlike other antioxidants, it supposedly builds up in the mitochondria.

The first day I took the recommended two pills or 5mg and felt nothing.  On the bottle, they said do not exceed, but you know me 😉

The next day I took 8 pills or 20mg and DID feel something good.   I would like to do more experiments, but these are effective.

The clinical trials use 80mg, so keep upping the dose safely if you’d like.  All of the negative Amazon reviews are shit and mainly complain about how they didn’t feel anything off of 5mg.

It is expensive, but worth it, in my opinion, to cycle or perhaps take a low dose chronically – below the level, you can feel it.

I plan on taking 2.5mg daily.  However, first take a higher dosage to make sure that you feel good benefits from it.   First take 2, 8, 16 and 32 pills until you feel something.  Once you do, you can take 1 pill chronically like I plan to do.

I’ve taken CoQ10 at 3000mg and I didn’t notice anything, so MitoQ is better, certainly for me.

I’m actually in the middle of implementing a new protocol as I mine my genetic data, and MitoQ will be a part of it.

You can buy MitoQ on Amazon for USA or MitoQ for international folk (Ebay).

My Experiment Megadosing Malic Acid

So for two days this past week I took a mega dosage of Malic acid– 9g or 15 pills of 600mg.    I’ve taken half that dosage before without noticing much.

Malic acid was found to have life-extending properties (in worms), and it works in a few ways (R).

Malic acid converts to Oxaloacetate, which is pretty expensive, yet effective.  I didn’t find it to have a very similar effect, but it wasn’t completely different either.

The point of the experiment was for a kind of toxicity study because I’m thinking about including maybe 500mg long term.

It caused some anxiety and perhaps worsened my cognition a bit, but overall nothing too bad.   I think 500mg or 1/18th of what I took is a good dosage for me and I might include it in my regimen as a kind of hedge.

Since I ran out of my pills, I bought this Malic acid (Malic Acid Ebay).  In general, I don’t mind excipients in pills, but if I’d rather not have them.


  1. tyson

    Fish Oil is harmful to humans, especially Fermented Cod Liver. Read devastating article by Dr. Kaayla Daniel for fermented cod liver and Dr.

    Listen to audio interviews by Dr Brian Peskin for harm of fish oils on humans.

    The magnetic mattress is harmful for long term.

  2. I have a hack you should try. Bob beck blood electrification, ive been using it for years and it gives me energy like nothing ive tried…after a weeks use on high i get a super surge of energy that can last a few weeks. This is absolutely not placebo for me anyway.

    • Jason

      I own the silver pulser. have you noticed any other benefits? i havent gotten sick since using it. i take it when i travel

      • My immunity was noticeably enhanced , my sleeping became better , i could relax easier. When you have more physical energy (to spend) that positively influences all aspects of life.

      • If you haven’t also tried some sort of Undenatured Whey to raise glutathione levels i would definitely try it. Its cheap and can have a powerful effect with CFS ppl …a practitioner who i worked with who had cfs for 10+ years then recovered tried it and even he had a huge detox and regained much more energy he didnt know was missing. It initially helped me quite a bit in 08 when i tried it.

        Also just to throw it out there, Biomagnetic therapy or Biomagnetic pair therapy is something I definately would consider trying if you live close to a good practitioner . Like you ive been searching for an answer to CFS for many years and have totally gone off on my own to find things that can help. This therapy is one of those that sticks out with some absolutely incredible results with just magnets. It is not general magnet therapy or liken to sleeping on magnets, i had heard about it years ago but brushed it off until i heard about someone who fully recovered from a long term illness then looked into it more.

  3. Idonteven

    I started taking rhodiola, schisandra and bacopa a few days ago. (I attempted them all in isolation for a few days each before stacking)

    Being on all three my circadian rhytm messed up, i became severely depressed, angry as f.. on anything and everything, and also over the top suicidal to the point where i went to purchase whisky and cigarettes.. I havent had alcohol in 2 years and quit smoking 8 months ago.

    My bets are bacopa and or rhodiola, but most likely bacopa. Schisandra has no effect that i can tell (linked version) Rhodiola also increased agression and made me ridiculusly stupid and clumsy + spaced out when taken alone. (Linked version)

    Idk man bio/neurochemistry is 2complex4me

    • Idonteven

      And im very stable without depression on the regular. I have severe anxiety but no depression. Used to be suicidally depressed a couple years ago tho. Its like it came back on that stack. I didnt take it today and im fine and stable, despite being messed up for every single day of using the stack.

  4. Guin

    Any updates on feeling drowsy after taking methylcobalamin? The same thing happens to me. I’m currently experimenting with hdroxyB12 and so far it seems to put me to sleep too, which doesn’t make any sense because it isn’t a methyl donor. Do you think the drowsiness is linked to MTHFR SNPs? I am compound heterozygous with a Mediterranean background–is that even relevant? Taurine (found in energy drinks) also knocks me out.

  5. Jen

    Fish Oil was great for my circulation, but I wouldn’t take over 3 (1,000mg pills). At 4 I start to get headaches and nosebleeds. And it can be really dangerous if you take more than that. It makes me sleepy as well, so I only take it at night.

  6. Dylan

    I would guess that your bradycardia experienced from fish oil was due to the blood thinning effects it has which would lower BP.

    I’ve always bruised easily for a long time and I once thought it was because I was taking fish oil, but now I believe it is due to high cortisol.

  7. Oskar

    In regards of fish oil, I listened a youtube interview today with one of the two authors of the book PEO Solution and this guy was basically claiming that fish oil is as bad as trans fats for anyone to ingest.
    I hope to read your take on it, but it seems like this guy has some science behind him and I think I’ll skip my daily fish oil capsules until I have a better understanding of how it is actually processed by our bodies.
    The link of the video:

  8. daz

    just for accuracies sake, niacinamide is not aka nicotinic acid.
    niacinamide is aka nicotinamide & aka nicotinic amide.

    niacinamide/nicotinamide & nicotinic acid & inositol hexanicotinate/hexaniacinate are all ‘a bit’ different (tho they are all generally known as Vitamin B3).

    the nicotinic acid form is the one that gives the flush effect (niacin flush).

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