My Current Regimen

NOTE: This is not current.

I’ve tried some experiments that work in the beginning but don’t work in the long term for me.  One of them is my ketosis protocol.

I find that I’ve been sticking to this program quite consistently.   This is what works and makes sense to me.  You should do what works for you and implement a protocol that works for your biology.

When I do experiments, I don’t follow this regimen, but I’ve tried it for long enough to know that it works for me.

Diet: Macronutrients

My regimen isn’t exactly the same daily.  However, I do measure on a precise scale exactly how many grams of everything that I’m putting in my mouth.  The estimations are because my regimen isn’t exactly the same every day and I haven’t actually calculated everything precisely (although I probably should).  But here’s a rough average…

Protein: ~100g of protein.  When I take under 70g of protein a day, I don’t produce enough cartilage in my knees and they start wobbling, my performance declines and I get hungry.  I don’t practice intermittent protein restriction anymore.  80g is probably enough for me, but I liked to get more in (about 1.4g/kg of weight).  Too much isn’t good, either.

I switch off between 85g of Pea Protein (75% protein) and 85g of Rice Protein (80%).  Pea protein has iron, but I find the rice protein to be better for the cognitive function for some reason – maybe because of less iron.  My ferritin has historically been somewhat low, so I like to make sure I’m getting enough iron, especially since I’m not consuming animal products.

64-68g from protein powders, 15-30g from collagen, 5g Brewer’s Yeast, 3g spirulina and a few grams in ‘other’.

Fat: ~47g of fat a day.   My biology produces too much CCK in response to a fat-rich meal, so I try to keep fat to a minimum.  If I have too much fat, my gut starts to act up.  If I have too much-saturated fat, my gut goes crazy, I start getting systemic inflammation and weakness – no matter what my underlying health status is or diet.  I’ve tried 20 different diet variations and dozens of supplement tweaks and nothing helps.  I am completely healthy and my blood tests are all normal, yet I still have negative effects from saturated fat.  It’s simply bad for me – worse than sugar.  If it works for you, you’re welcome to consume as much as you like.  If you’ve got a hyper CCK response or lowish T3, I recommend against consuming a lot of fat.

When I was eating lectins, consuming more fat made sense for me because it reduced my lectin load.  Now that my diet is extremely minimized of lectins, I do better with less fat.

About 15g from Brain Octane, 2g from fish oil, 5g Black Cumin Seed Oil, 25g from olive or sesame oil.  If I want to get in more calories, I’d up the oils, but I haven’t had a need yet.

Carbs: ~150g of absorbable/non-fiber carbs and probably 150g of fibrous carbs – mostly soluble (I don’t know exactly how much fiber I get).

I eat about 125g of raw honey (81% sugar), 10g from kombucha, 10g from hi-maize (total=25g), 5g trehalose,  from carob and very small amount in other foods (leafy greens, protein powder, etc..).

Raw flowy honey is my main carb source because it doesn’t have lectins, is soothing for the stomach (which buffers the potassium, kombucha, supplements, etc…) and is strongly anti-microbial, which prevents bacterial overgrowth from the carbs.  No other carb sources have these properties.

If I consume significantly less than 150g of absorbable carbs, my performance goes down.  I have less energy, overall, and I crave sweet foods.

I eat a 5oz container of leafy greens and a lot of Sauer kraut daily, in addition to other fibers.

Morning Supplement Stack

I prepare 20 days worth of this and titrate the dosage to get these amounts daily.  I blend them in a blender to break the tablets and capsules down.

Some of this stuff I use simply because I have it and it’s good enough that it shouldn’t go to waste, but not good enough to buy again.  Some supplements are specifically for me.  For example, I don’t recommend most people take 35mg of pregnenolone daily.

I titrate the dosages per my oil consumption:

Morning ~1 hour after supplement stack

5 pills HCL with pepsin – I like to keep my stomach acidic to prevent infections, digest food better, absorb minerals better, etc…

  • 40g Pea protein or Rice Protein
  • 10g Brewer’s Yeast.   An amazing source of nutrition, RNA, and DNA.
  • 30g Raw Honey (NOT cloudy),
  • 12.5g Hi-Maize resistant starch
  • 5g Carob
  • 5g Brain Octane,
  • 1g Cinnamon
  • Condiments: Vanilla or Vanilla powder or Anise Oil or Almond Extract
  • Stevia – sweetener of choice.
  • 250mg Calcium


The time I consume these foods is not the same daily.   But I make sure it’s almost always after 2 and before 7.

  • 45g Pea protein or Rice Protein
  • 30g Raw Honey (NOT cloudy),
  • 12.5g Hi-Maize resistant starch
  • 5g Carob
  • 5g Brain Octane,
  • 1g Cinnamon
  • Condiments: Vanilla or Vanilla powder or Anise Oil or Almond Extract
  • Stevia – sweetener of choice.
  • 250mg Calcium

I consume 5oz of ‘spring mix’, which is a mixture of leafy greens and a ton of sauer kraut.

Gum – I try to only chew gum at night after supper because CCK induces sleep.

Sleep Stack

Vaporized marijuana if I want a great night’s sleep.

Frankincense or Chamomile essential oil rarely.


I don’t feel like I ever need these, but these stimulants work best for me.



Once in a blue moon, I’ll take these and others.



Exercise:  Walking, Pushups/Pullups, Sprints, Standing, Yoga, Exercise bike…only walking is daily for about 1 hour and 15 minutes…

Sleep: haven’t used an alarm clock for the past 3 years.  I go to bed at an average of 11 o’clock and wake up at 6 AM – I average 7 hours of sleep.  If I could get 12 hours of sleep, I’d do that.  I try to have a decent circadian rhythm.  If I get less than 6 hours of sleep, I try to take a nap.

Stress/Anxiety: NONE.

Work: If it feels like work, I don’t do it.  Simple. I try to be as unproductive as possible, in that I do what I find most enjoyable.   I like to feel productive, but I don’t like to try to be productive.  6 months ago, I’ve turned down a job offers for 100k starting salary even when I was making $1500 a month (I make significantly more now).  I’ve turned down a recent offer for significantly more.   The point is that I’m not going to sacrifice my happiness for money.

I learned to be happy and healthy living off of a thousand dollars a month and that’s why I don’t feel the need to appease anyone, including the readers of this blog.  Any client that isn’t easy going or pleasant, I stop giving them consults (generally a minority).  Those who are easy going, I treat them very well.

Sex: I’ve been injaculating an average of 5X a week for the past 2 or so years.  For the past 3 months, I’ve been injaculating an average of 2X a day (my record has been 5).  Injaculating is masturbating and cumming, but not allowing the semen to leave.  Instead, it gets reabsorbed in your blood stream.   I’m open to girlfriends, but I’m not willing to expend much energy to get one.  I’d still injaculate, anyway.

Sun:  During 9 months of the year, I get like 45 minutes of full body sun ~5 days a week.

Meditation:  I meditate sometimes, but my mind likes to wander. Most of my meditation is informal.

Uninterrupted focus:  very important if you’re doing something you don’t enjoy.  If you enjoy what you’re doing, you’ll focus on it no matter what.

Attitude: I don’t take life very seriously.

Inflammation: I avoid infections by usually not touching door handles or sharing germs.  If I do touch handles, I wash my hands well before I eat.  I also avoid injuries by staying away from dangerous activities that would historically get me injured such as sports (I get very into it and I always get injured).

Mood: My happiness comes before anything else in my life and this is needed for optimal well-being.   Everyone thinks they’re happy, though.  My quick happiness test is how much you hope that your future will be better.  Hope is the desire for things to be different than they are.  If you think about the future and hope it will be better, it means you’re not truly happy with the present.

Music: I listen to music most of the day.  I find good music makes me perform better.

Helpful Audio Programs: Mindfulness for beginnersWherever you go there you areGuided Mindfulness meditationBreathing program... (I don’t listen anymore, but I’ve adopted that general attitude).

Infection Prevention

I take these if I think I’m coming down with something.

Eating With People

Often I go away for the weekend, visit my family, have a family event or go out to eat with friends.  If I was dating, I suspect that I’d also want to occasionally cook meals or eat out with her.

I found that when I’m too restrictive, I break down and eat everything.  I see my patterns, I accept them and act accordingly.  In this case, I realized that if I’m less restrictive, I can keep it.

So my diet when I’m away is free from grains, legumes and dairy free.  I eat everything else and without limits.  So I often stuff myself to capacity with fruits, veggies, meat, etc… See the lectin avoidance diet and inflammation scores for food.  Just stick with the lower inflammatory foods.

The last time I went away for the weekend, I ate more than anyone at the table and the joke was that I was going to break the toilet that I used.

When I go away I like to pack light, so I don’t bring supplements.  You shouldn’t be attached to your supplements that you feel you must take them.

The last time I went away for the weekend, I had absolutely nothing except a phone, some earbuds and the clothes I’d normally wear (I used to need a whole suitcase).  That’s right – no toothbrush, change of socks, boxers or anything else.

Is Potassium Safe?

It’s a myth, I believe, that supplemental potassium is dangerous.

It is a bit hard on your gut, but my trick is to drink a lot of water, chew gum (to increase mucus production), take it with meals, spread it out over the day and use Slippery elm if needed.

I’ve been consuming a lot of supplemental potassium in the past year.  Soylent also includes a lot of potassium in their formula.

I consume about a gallon of liquid a day.  When you drink a lot of water it decreases the concentration of the potassium.  Basic chemistry – and common sense.

I’ve spoken to a biochemistry professor about potassium in food being in a ‘matrix’ and more slowly absorbable.  He said it didn’t make any sense to him because potassium dissociates readily whether in the form of food or not.  He didn’t understand what the ‘matrix’ I was talking about was.  He said metals are bound to nucleic acids in nature, but, again, they readily dissociate.

The recommended amount is 4700mg or 11 medium-sized bananas.  It’s not easy to fulfill the recommendation without supplements.  I don’t know anyone who fulfills this daily requirement while eating 2000 calories.  Have a look for yourself and see if you get 4700mg every day.

There are four types that have different benefits and drawbacks:


  1. Kyle

    How bad is it to take pregnenolone without testing first? How would you recommend going about it if your not going to test?

    • Steve

      For example, why do I feel my liver each time I take pregnenolone @ less than 20mg, DHEA and Test Prop @ a low dose? Or maybe it’s not the liver?

  2. Hans

    What do you think about transdermal magnesium (oil or foot baths?) I’ve read a lot of it online and supposedly it absorbs better than when taken orally, BUT not a single study on this.

    • Joseph M. Cohen

      -I mention I take lipoic acid 3X a week…I take 600mg when I take it.

      -Glycine is interchangeable with collagen. sometimes I take collagen, sometimes glycine, atm I’m mixing them 10g collagen, 1-2g glycine.

  3. Remarkable stack! Thanks for the writeup.

    A couple things:

    1) Do you eat any actual whole food, aside from honey and yeast? Your regimen appears to be composed entirely of supplements, extracts and isolates.

    2) You mentioned having (at one time) an income of $1000 per month, and $1500 per month, though more now. I wonder how you managed to afford that array of supplements on such low income. Though granted the quantities you use are quite small in many cases; still, it is a lot of stuff to buy.

    • and:

      3) What about fresh vegetable juice? esp green juice. Great stuff. This is a significant omission, imo, though I see you do take some greenstuff (spirulina, barley grass). For a real jolt, run carrots/greens plus daikon radish, ginger, etc. through the juicer. You will feel it!

  4. Ole

    Last question, if you were to tweak your regimen for athletic performance, what would you change. (More carbs or more fats, or both?)
    Maybe a post idea?

  5. Ole

    What do you think of Ray Peat’s diet?

    (High sugar and no starch. From honey, sugar and fruits, high protein, low fat and only fats allowed are saturated. No PUFA’s (not even omega 3) and very low MUFA’s.)

    Also uses milk for protein/carbs. But lets just overlook that since he doesnt recommend it if you have issues with it.

    Avoids tryptophan because he believes serotonin is bad. Avoids fiber except from fruits.

    In a lot of ways it makes more sense than low carb does. People have recovered from hypogonadism and he also makes a lot of valid points how carbs and diabetes are not linked in any great degree. Also references studies showing sucrose vs starches resulted in diabetes and poor health in starch group and not in sucrose group. Also growth was inhibited (bones) in the starch group.

    Also claims you need far more than 2000 calories daily. I make it sound simple alltho he has valid scientific reasons for recommending it.

    In a nutshell tho you could just say his diet is your regimen with more carbs and a slight bigger fat avoidance. As well as a bigger focus on gelatin.

    Thoughts from you Joe?

    Paul Jaminet has a lot of stuff on it here:

  6. forgotmypreviousnick

    Whose of those have most effect in relatively low cost? I am aiming at a cognitive performance (I need it only for short-middle term, sth alike a few months). Thanks in advance.

  7. Joe,

    for people who don’t take breakfast, what about taking AMPK activators in the morning (gynostemma, resveratrol, metformin for some, etc) to increase the autophagy associated with the overnight fasting?. Does it make sense?.


  8. Sidney

    How do you like MitoQ? Have you felt any noticeable results? It’s very pricey so for something that expensive I’d expect to see actual results. In general that’s my rule for supplements that are expensive; if I don’t see tangible results after a 3 month period I stop. That’s why I stopped Fisetin as I noticed no improvements.

    Also, I also take a LOT (30+ daily) of supplements. I don’t use a blender to break down the capsules. Is there any chance that since I’m taking so many supplements the fillers in the supplements can harm the body and/or prevent maximum absorption?

    • Joseph M. Cohen

      Waxy maize is lectin free and worked for me, but raw flowy honey is better because it’s antimicrobial and soothing.

    • Erez tal

      could you elaborate on why you chew gum “only” at night? I find it really interesting.

      Also – is the reason you are no longer taking glycine as part of you sleeping stack is that you replaced it with extra collagen?

  9. Anon lol

    on my perineum I feel an indentation and a little closer towards my butthole is a little knot of flesh

    if I press in the indentation (for injaculation) then I lose no semen but if I pee in a glass it’s in there

    if I press 1-2 millimeters closer to my butthole where the knot of flesh is then a little bit always drips out

    what am I doing wrong? which spot is the right one and do I need to be kegeling at some point?

    have you managed to pee in a glass and have zero semen in it after injaculation?

    • Joseph M. Cohen

      Lol, someone asked the same question an hour apart, so I’m assuming people want to know.

      I like literally everything, including the weirdest shit out there, as long as it’s got a good tune. I usually like almost all of other people’s music, but they don’t like mine often. My extreme openness to new experiences transfers to the music domain. People often get weirded out when listening to music that’s out of their reference range. Haven’t met anyone that likes the range of music that I do. I like popular stuff, techno, dubstep, hipster, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, classical, pot head music, country, some reggae, some rap, ethnic music by various cultures and countries, rock, some metal, sound tracks, religious music (Jewish, Christian, other religious music), and a bunch of random shit I find on youtube.

      Historically, I’ve liked ‘soulful’ and uplifting music (broad category), I guess since it resonates with my emotional side, but I get bored of artists/songs very quickly, so I keep moving to different genres. Some singers that took me longer than usual to get bored of include: lana del rey, enya, elton john, simon and garfunkle….I like most of their songs, but haven’t listened to any of them in a while. Phil collins, sting, cold play and others have some really good songs that took me a while to get bored of.

      Some songs I listened to in the past few weeks (you don’t want to know what’s going on in my chaotic head):

      Imagine Dragons (great new CD)
      Workout music, Riptide, Sia, Love me like you do, Every other freckle, Manuscripts, Sugar, Carried away, I need my girl, Skitzmix, Don’t let it pass, Haus am see, Alles Kann Besser Werden, Cry for you, L’Amour Toujours – love this, Sitting on the dock of a bay, I fall to peices, From london with love, Sail, Random internet Thai song, Run, She wolf, Emotional soundtracks, Rock me amadeus, Dubstep – only started getting into dubstep like 6 months ago, Take me to church, Magnetic fields – ok, Whiskey lullaby, Laughing with god, Mummer’s dance – got bored of it, but it’s great, Mimamakim – got bored of it, but it’s great, Take me home – an all time favorite, Africa – an all time favorite

      Stuff that there’s no chance you heard of and almost no chance you’ll like – Ultra-Orthodox Jewish prayer music. I must have liked more than 500 religious Jewish songs in the past. Will prob freak the readers of this blog out. (Keep in mind I don’t believe in god and am completely secular). Although I understand ancient hebrew, modern hebrew and yiddish, I don’t actively pay attention to what they’re saying.

      Love this, Mi bon siach, Ekra, Love his voice , Im eshkachech, Shwekey- mi adir, Dveykus, English song (daddy come home) , Love his voice

      • Alex

        Loved the music recommendations. 😀 I am always on the search for good music – surprisingly some of them are on my playlist as well. Similarly, it took me a very long time to get fed up with Enya, Collins, Sting, Coldplay. Also Kings of Leon, Florence (some of the songs), etc.
        About the post in general. Damn, I wish I had time and money to figure out the stack for myself. For now I am sticking to stuff which seems to do “no harm” rather than much good. Maybe after graduation.

        • Joseph M. Cohen

          Lol, thanks.

          Your best bet is to fill out this sheet and get your 23andme done. I’m going to dive in for round two. As a committed follower of the blog, I’d only take money to mine your DNA if you have it and if I produce useful results (I don’t take money from anyone unless I feel I benefited them). You’d still have to pay for 23andme, though.

          • Alex

            I should soon get a normal job (finally), and the will get back to you for proper consulting. For now I try to get everything I can from you blog posts (surprisingly, I recently found philosophical ones more interesting than the health ones, which is quite a shift for me). I am also planning doing 23andme in early spring.

            Btw. a bit different topic, but I was wondering whether you have any thoughts on the SENS (and others) approach to “combating” aging. I know that you are more about living your life now, letting go, and being ok with things you cannot change, but I was wondering whether you have any thoughts on the science behind their direction and approach.


  10. Daniel Padon

    You used to recommend taking 50g-80g of Hi Maize a day, why did you decrease the dosage for yourself?

    (I am curious because I personally noticed that if I take too much hi maize too long I have problems sleeping and I get into a weird condition in which I feel my memory is deteriorated and at the same time I feel blissy and don’t care about it 🙂 )

    • Joseph M. Cohen

      Sleep problems only if I didn’t time it right.

      I recommended taking 50g.

      “I get into a weird condition in which I feel my memory is deteriorated and at the same time I feel blissy and don’t care about it”

      This is why. Didn’t feel that so much at 50, but 25 is more optimal for me, especially with all of the other supps.

  11. Rollia

    Also, can you really blend in kombucha together with fish oil, lecithin, honey and citrates without damaging the quality of any of these or other ingredients? (I know that kombucha is really acidic)

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