Products To Reduce EMF Exposure

Products For Testing EMFs


I’ve tested all of the EMF-blocking clothing with EMF testing equipment, and they all work pretty well.

Without these products, I wouldn’t know what my exposure is.  Now I can be sure that the steps I’ve taken have actually reduced my EMF exposure.

  • Trifield EMF Meter.   This tests low frequency EMFs…Magnetic and electric field pollution.
  • RF Field Meter to detect cell and wifi or high frequency EMFs.  Cell and wifi are more damaging than magnetic and electric poulltion.
  • Voltmeter to see if I get grounded. The Trifield can tell you if you’re being grounded to some degree, but the voltmeter tells you if you’re neutral.  Haven’t figured out how to use it yet.

Products For EMF protection

You will see these products in the videos below.

  • The best cloth is Ksilver1#.  This is the soft and silky sheet that’s very comfortable.  I recommend you get 4 square meters if you want extra, but 3 square meters is about the length of a sheet that you’d buy.  I bought quite a few of them and that one is the best and you won’t be able to find a better price.
  • Ksilver32# to cover my head and also to protect against mosquitos.  This silver fabric is the net-like object shown in the video.  I recommend you get 4 Square meters.
  • 6 Feet of Argenmesh for my sheet. The Ksilver1 is better than the Argenmesh, but it took a month to get the Ksilver1 because  it’s coming from China.  I ended up using this under my sheets so that I am protected from the bottom.
  • Copper coil to ground.
  • Conductive fabric.  Good if you want to ground – you’ll also need the copper wire.
  • Heel grounder.  Waiting on the voltmeter to see if it works.
  • Grounded slippers, stylish flip-flops for women 
  • Hoodie (AMZ)…The fit sucks – it’s very baggy.  But I’m happy I bought this because it’s super soft and great for going to sleep.  Loose fit comes in handy.
  • Hat (AMZ).  This is the Gangsta EMF blocking hat.  It has a snug fit – not very comfortable if you’re wearing the whole day.  But I find it’s not uncomfortable with my head shaven.
  • Pants that I’m wearing in picture and video (Ebay).  I bought 9 pairs of these because they are comfortable, look decent, have a good fit and are relatively cheap.  Fit is standard sizes.
  • Silverell (Ebay) clothing in general is good.  I have a long sleeve shirt and short sleeve shirt.  Fit is standard sizes.
  • Grounding mat.  If you don’t want to use a sheet and copper wire, you can use this, but it’s more expensive.

How To Ground Your Laptop With USB


  1. Lynne

    Hi Joseph/others, I’m having trouble finding information on whether st silver jewellery helps or hinders EMF blocking. If silver is good in clothes I’d have thought jewellery would have a similar effect, but I noticed people on the Jack Kruse forum saying they gave up wearing metal jewellery (of unspecified material). If you have any knowledge on this or can ditect me to any info I’d be most gratefull, Cheers 😉

  2. Rollia

    Could you please explain what exactly you are doing with the copper coil (it was unclear from the video)

  3. Andrejka

    I am glad to have found another person wearing emf shielding on their head…a friend joked about tin foil hats…the funny thing is aluminum foil seems to do the trick for some things…as for being ultra politically correct, tome that seems to be about false idealism rather than moral courage. You’re taking the time to experiment and freely share your findings. While I may get flack for writing, if you want reflect local urban culture (of which the “gangster”gesture is something I see Asians and Hispanics have done) this is a free country. On a deeper level, oppressed people of all stripes know there are fake “politically correct” assholes (even within their group) and then their are genuine nice people,who might actually be white, male, christian, even republican. What I find is in the PC world there is hypocrisy, nihilism, rather than open mindedness. Further, if you sat in a yoga pose, would Asians say “stop that racism?” Is the racist name-calling a reflection of the commenter’s own internalized derogatory classism about black people in the hood? Seems like it. Anyways, thank you for your uploads.

    • Joseph M. Cohen

      Very good points. You have to understand that she’s a social justice warrior and she’s part of a religion where we have to be super politically correct.

  4. lordilol

    lol my biohack is a lot simpler,
    get USB keyboard wired and get some distance from the computer.
    twice the distance 1/4 of the emf.
    still with such high readings 1/4 emf is still huge.

    also why u called it EMF? you were talking about electric field ,
    and tell us the readers about this bookholder i suppose

  5. jules

    Fyi the “gansta” hat and pose is kinda racist… As white people we’re taught that Black language and culture exist for our amusement (see: bed intruders, “is too damn high”, and “ain’t nobody got time for that”, minstrel shows). We’re taught that when we imitate Black people it’s funny, or quirky, or lighthearted. But being able to flash gang signs in a blog post is an exercise in white privilege. How? Let’s say that you died tomorrow because a police officer killed you accidentally. It would be declared a national tragedy, the police officer responsible would be indicted by the local grand jury, you would receive sympathy instead of the officer, and the media would NOT plaster the picture of you flashing gang signs over every newspaper in America. You would not be demonized and dehumanized for your race.

    If you were Black, the chances of a police officer killing you are much higher, and the “accident” would be questionable. It would not be declared a national tragedy, few people would hear about it, the police officer responsible would NOT be indicted by the local grand jury (which would be conveniently full of white people), the officer would receive paid vacation and fundraiser funds, the officer would receive sympathy, and the media WOULD plaster the picture of you flashing gang signs all over America if, by some slim chance, the story made it to national news. You would be demonized and dehumanized for your race and your gang sign picture would serve as evidence to your wrongdoing. You would be deemed a “thug” and your entire personal history would be combed through for any signs of criminality. The media would then construct your identity as a criminal who deserved to die, even if your only crime was existing while Black.

    So Black people cannot participate in their OWN language and culture without these consequences looming over their heads. We, as white people, can participate in Black culture without those consequences. This creates a racist double standard rooted in white imperialism where white people can steal from other cultures as we please while simultaneously looking down on those people who practiced the culture originally (see: dreadlocks, bindis, Native American headdresses, henna, gang signs, sugar skulls).

    If you’re thinking “well I don’t have many Black readers anyway”, don’t turn that into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    • Joseph M. Cohen

      Why do you have to politicize this and turn this into a racial topic?

      If you haven’t realized by now, I don’t give a shit about political correctness, racial topics, morals or other popular preoccupations and will continue not to give a shit. It’s not the way my brain operates.

      Through your comments, you’re obviously sensitive to the language I use and I’m not interested in having this on my mind – it will disrupt my flow and waste my time.

      When you made a big deal about the usage of “female” in one post, I took it out, because I’m a guy and can’t assess how much something offends you.

      But this time around, you’ve crossed the line of normalcy. I’m not going to entertain this nonsense or waste time responding to it.

      I don’t hate, begrudge or dislike any individual, gender or race, but if my choice of words offends you, you’re welcome to not read the blog.

      For now on, I will not be publishing racial or sexist comments. I will also not be publishing comments that politicize posts such as yours. It’s not what the blog is about.

      • Jules, what’s wrong with you? The author is Jewish. Do you really think that he promotes racism? That’s just retarded. Please go and improve your self-esteem and go and smoke some DMT or meditate (get rid of your huge ego and be more open minded).

  6. Daniel

    Didn’t know a MacBook would emit an elict field that is that high above standards. No wonder why people get sick from our world.

    However after thinking about I don’t seem to be able to confirm Kruses theory on EMF and disease. I lived in a house in a small village. But I did have my first weird skin symptoms even at that very young age, Like my mother did. While my mom develeoped neurodermathitis I developed Psoriasis.

    So from that point I also believe genetics, got flora (from my mother) and stress (childhood trauma) play a big role. I also have the genes for a high cortisol response. So I get stressed easily… plus some problems with MAO and COMT. Luckily my detox capabilities seem good from a genetic point of view. Maybe that explains why all my autoimmune issues are mild cases.

    Nontheless if the computer emits EMFs so high above standards I’d be worried…

    There is also a new study comparing latitude, and light exposure to prevalence of MS.

    • Joseph M. Cohen

      I certainly don’t believe it’s as important as he makes it out to be, but I started believing that it’s one factor.

      • Sam

        He’s biased to it’s importance because he works in a high EMF environment. I actually noticed a couple years ago that my cognitive ability would drop if I sat with a laptop on my lap, especially if it was charging. Laptops are the only electronic device you have close contact with for extended time periods (for most people).

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