133 Biological Mechanisms For Weight Modulation

This post is a summary of a few other posts, in a more readable format.


133 Different Mechanisms for Weight Modulation


See the following posts, which have the 132 different mechanisms that’re listed here:

Now, most of these have more complex effects, but I was hoping to simplify it and mention on the whole what it does.

References are in the full posts and also contains the full names for these.

Some mechanisms are better established than others.  Seeing the full post explores more of the specifics.

Pro Weight Gain

Pro Weight Loss

Mixed Effects

  • AMPK activation in the hypothalamus cause weight gain, but in the muscle causes fat burning (R).
  • DHEA might have gender specific effects – men lose and women gain weight (R).
  • Serotonin has tissue-specific effects – it causes weight gain in the body but weight loss in the hypothalamus (R).
  • mTOR activation has tissue-specific effects. Activation in the hypothalamus reduces food intake, while in fat cells, it increases fat mass.
  • Acetylcholine causes mixed effects. Acetylcholine helps weight loss through nicotinic receptors but can cause weight gain through muscarinic receptors.
  • LXR has mixed effects on weight (R).

Genetic variation in PFKP, KCNJ11, PTER and SEC16B were associated with obesity (R).

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