10 Uses or Benefits of the Antidepressant Mirtazapine (Remeron)

Mirtazapine is shown to have antidepressant properties as well as many other beneficial uses, ranging from the treatment of anxiety and insomnia to OCD or PTSD. Mirtazapine is a complicated drug with confusing mechanisms of actions, but it also shows promising results in regards to other off-label usages.


  1. Francisco Aglairton

    Dr. Ken Gillman, Australian psychopharmacologist and the creator of psychotropiccentral, is a great mirtazapine skeptic. Two links worth reading: [psychotropiccentral]

    My experience. It helped with sleep problems and depression (taken with pristiq). The problema: within 18 months I gained 25lbs. Had to taper it off (do it only under medical supervision).

  2. Mimi

    I have had some experience w Remeron. All of this is correct. For those sensitive to SSRi it is a definite alternative. It was used after a rage outburst on a temporary basis and definitely helped the person. I knew of a heart surgeon who put a lot of his patients on it rather than refer to Psychiatrist. Not smart! Weight gain and sexual side efffects are the bain of Psychiatrist’s existence.

  3. I have been taking 0.25mg clonazepam (1/2 0.5mg tab) for sleep at bedtime for years. At this low dose, it doesn’t seem to have any side effects. But if I stop taking it for a few days I have a lot more general aches and pain, so it must be a subtle help for that also. Docs don’t like to prescribe it since it is a benzo, but they do for me since it is such a low dose.

    • daz

      Perhaps the clonazepam results in you getting more slow wave sleep…
      Which is when all your ‘aches and pains’ get repaired (I think).

  4. Jenssen

    i have a personal hate towards this drug. out of the 200 or so meds i have done in my life, this is one of the worst for all conditions indicated. i agree with the writer’s bad experience on this one, mine was exactly the same but doubled in strength. this drug in particular, has a long history of really bad side effect hence why its not popular and nobody really cares for it in modern times. i got it prescribed in a 3rd world country, that says a lot right there!

    • daz

      thx for the feedback.
      I did some googling after I posted my comments about possibly using it to help sleep,
      The consensus is basically the same as yours…do not do it

  5. daz

    Thanks for the post Joe.

    I will have a look into the ~ 7.5mg dose for insomnia/improving sleep.

    & speak with my Doc at next visit.

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