This post is not saying that these things will cure cancer.  I’m simply listing things that have some form of evidence for combatting cancer.  This does not imply that you shouldn’t seek more conventional treatments if you think that they can help you.  This list is complementary to whatever it is you’re doing, not a substitute. Check out all of our greatest health tips and biohacks in our ebook, SelfHacked Secrets. Download the first chapter for free here.

breast cancer

Factors That Increase Breast Cancer Risk

For prevention, it’s important to see which factors raise the risk.

The quality of studies may vary, so I encourage you to read them.  Many of them are conducted with animals.

Lifestyle factors That Increase Breast Cancer Risk

  1. Sleep deprivation (R)
  2. Shift work/Circadian disruption (R)

Hormones and Cytokines That May Increase Breast Cancer Risk

  1. Estrogen+ progestin (R) 
  2. Birth control (R)
  3. Leptin (R)
  4. IL-1 (R)

Dietary Factors That May Increase Breast Cancer Risk (at least in excess)

  1. High Fructose (R)
  2. Alcohol in postmenopausal (R)
  3. High saturated fat – Epidemiological study… (R)
  4. High PUFA’s (mice) (R)

Toxins, Drugs and Tests That May Increase Breast Cancer Risk

  1. Heavy Metals: Iron (R), Nickel (R), Chromium (R), copper (R), Lead (R), Cadmium (R)
  2. DDT (R)
  3. PCB’s (R)
  4. Epstein Barr Virus (R)
  5. Diethyl pthalate (R)
  6. Acrylamide (R)
  7. X-ray (R)
  8. Mammograms (R)
  9. Statins+postmenopause (R)

Natural Ways to Combat Breast Cancer

Lifestyle to Combat Breast Cancer

  1. Sleep (R)
  2. Exercise (R)
  3. Yoga-quality of life, affect (R)
  4. Melatonin (R)
  5. UVB (sun) (R)
  6. Vitamin D (R)

Diet to Combat Breast Cancer

I don’t advocate some of these foods such as the beans and legumes if you’re predisposed to autoimmunity or have chronic inflammation.

  1. Fish/Fish oil (EPA) (R), DHA (conjugated more effective) (R)
  2. Vegetables (R)
  3. Cruciferous veggies…Benzyl isothiocyanate (R) + Sulforaphane (R) + DIM (R)+ D-glucarate (R)+ I3C (400mg for max benefit) (R)
  4. Diet: Fruits, veggies, fish, olive oil in postmenopausal (R)
  5. Grapes, tomato, green pepper (R)
  6. Flax (R)
  7. Vitamin supplements during chemo (R)
  8. Garlic (Diallyl disulfide) (R)
  9. Soy (R)
  10. Beans (R)
  11. Pomegranate/Ellagic acid (E+) (R)
  12. Black Raspberry (E+) (R), Blueberry (E+) (R)
  13. Lentils (R)
  14. Mung beans (R)
  15. Apples (R)

Supplements to Combat Breast Cancer

  1. Aspirin/Ibuprofen (R)
  2. DIM (R)
  3. D-glucarate (R)
  4. I3C (R)
  5. HCG (R)
  6. Lecithin (R)
  7. Plant sterols* (R)
  8. CoQ10 + B2 + B3 + Tamoxifen (R)
  9. Quercetin (R)
  10. Flavones (R)
  11. Adiponectin (R)
  12. EGCG (RR2)
  13. Sulforaphane (R)
  14. Ginseng (R)
  15. NAC (R)
  16. Chinese skullcap (R)
  17. Turkey tail/Polysaccharide-K (R)/Polysaccharopeptide (R)
  18. Reishi (R)
  19. Apigenin (R)
  20. Beta carotene. Note: if you are a smoker, long-term high beta carotene supplementation can actually increase risk of lung cancer (R, RR)
  21. Astaxanthin (R), Canthaxanthin (R)
  22. Bamboo extract (R)
  23. Bicarbonate (R)


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