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Are Supplements Placebos?

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Are Supplements Placebos?

I get the following email from a friend:

“……but you nevertheless felt the effects 🙂
“Amazingly, 79% of the supplements tested did not contain the primary ingredient listed on the label.

A Really Bad Week For The Supplements Industry”

The author of the article assumes that herbal supplements don’t have the stated chemicals because they don’t contain the DNA of the plant.  He implicitly assumes, therefore, that they are just placebos with rice in them.

Many of the articles you’ll see will also bunch all supplements together and infer that ALL supplements aren’t reliable.

Probably most of the supplements that I recommend are not even herbal such as Inositol, Zinc, PQQ, etc…

I buy supplements for the chemicals they contain, not the DNA in it.  Plant chemicals like Honokiol, Curcumin or Fisetin don’t contain DNA.  This is basic biology and chemistry.

I always prefer to buy from reliable companies that have a track record of passing third-party testing from Consumer Labs.   Generally, all of the big companies do well.

I try to buy standardized supplements so that I know what I’m getting.

If they do a study that shows that big companies don’t have the chemicals in them that are standardized, then that’s when my ears will perk up.

Sometimes, I’ll buy the whole herb if I feel a good effect from it.  Generally, you can see if you’re getting the herb in question in the same way you know you’re buying blueberries when you go to the store.  They have a certain smell, look, taste and effect.

I take supplements for the effects of it, not for the DNA that they contain.

It happens to be that I’ve never really had a very powerful effect from the supplements that they tested, especially ginseng. I’ve tried many types of ginseng and have been disappointed.  I don’t think we’re getting the quality stuff.

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