Wayne Caparas

BS Business
Wayne has been widely recognized among the top public relations innovators in the health & fitness industry.
He played a key role in the conception and launch of Oxygen Magazine and Vie Magazine, and his award-winning LifeQuest Fitness franchise was globally celebrated. Wayne also pioneered obstacle course sports for ESPN and served on the faculty of the American Council on Exercise, lecturing on public relations. After biohacking his way out several serious health issues, he liquidated his fitness interests and continued as a global media consultant and business strategist to an A-list of high-profile entities, dot-coms, and leaders. Wayne recently published the highly-endorsed BioLogic Revelation, a heavily researched fitness biohacking text.
Favorite biohacks: super-fast-twitch muscle hypertrophy, meditation & prayer, coconut oil MCTs, grounding, playing disc golf in the woods, spring water (sans plastics), NAD, real laughter.
Role: Chief Communications Officer