This post lists biological factors that can be tested in some form or another. Testing accuracy will vary based on the type of test being done. In general, direct blood results are the most accurate, then metabolites (in urine) and then genes. If you’re struggling with weight issues, you want to check out which factors might be your weak links.

If you’re struggling with weight problems, you probably already have piles of lab tests that can potentially tell you a lot about your metabolism. However, doctors rarely have enough time to explain them properly. They will only notice it if the lab flags your test results as outside of normal. But what if all your results are coming back normal, yet you are still struggling with weight problems? This is why we created Lab Test Analyzer, a tool that easily lets you know which lab results you need to be concerned about, and how to bring these in the optimal range. It’s a tool that allows you to keep track of your levels, identifying causes of low or high levels, and giving you evidence-based lifestyle, diet, and supplement recommendations.


133 Different Mechanisms for Weight Modulation

See the following posts, which have the 133 different mechanisms:

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Pro Weight Gain


Blood Tests

You can take blood tests for these, which is better than looking at your genes for these.

Genetics Tests/SelfDecode

There are genes related to these.  You can take a genetics test and plug the results into SelfDecode.  I’m adding SNPs frequently, so keep checking back if you already purchased a subscription.

Pro Weight Loss


Blood Tests

You can take blood tests for these, which is better than looking at your genes for these.

If you’re confused by all this information, Lab Test Analyzer is your digital health advisor that helps you understand your lab tests and makes recommendations based on your results.

Genetics Tests/SelfDecode

You can take a genetics test and plug the results into SelfDecode.

Mixed Effects

Blood/Urine Tests

  • DHEA might have gender specific effects – men lose and women gain weight (R).
  • Serotonin has tissue-specific effects – it causes weight gain in the body but weight loss in the hypothalamus (R).

Genetics Tests/SelfDecode

  • LXR has mixed effects on weight (R).

Concluding Remarks

You needn’t take all of these tests, but the more you take, the more insights you will learn about yourself. With enough information, you can start putting some pieces of the puzzles together and Self Hack to a better life.

If you already have some blood test results and you’re not sure what to make of them, you need to check out Lab Test Analyzer. It does all the heavy lifting for you. No need to do thousands of hours of research on what to make of your various blood tests.

People don’t realize that their blood test results contain a gold mine of information that’s waiting to be unearthed. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time or the inclination to sift through dozens of research papers.

It’s super-simple, so that even if you don’t have any background in science, you will understand what your results mean and what you can do to get them in the optimal range.

Lab Test Analyzer gives you up-to-date scientific information about your lab results. In addition, you will get both lifestyle tips and natural solutions to help you optimize your health. You can also rely on our science-based Optimal Ranges to prevent potential health issues and maximize your overall well-being.

All of the content is backed by science and researched by a team of PhDs, professors, and scientists.

We’re all unique, so we deserve solutions that treat us that way.


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