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Supplements For Brain Fog

Before you proceed, make sure you read: Brain Fog Treatment, Part 1: Diet and Lifestyle

Also, some people are Th1 dominant, while others are Th2 dominant, so read these posts to better understand if you are either one.

If the dosing information isn’t written, it means that you should follow the standard instructions on the label.

Brain fog is almost always caused by inflammation, immune imbalance, and mitochondrial dysfunction.

Reverse Mitochondrial Breakdown

These have all been tried and tested by me. I’ve tried every mitochondrial enhancer on the market and these are the best. They work.

These dosages are meant to be taken individually. If you’re stacking, then cut everything in half.

Reduce Th1 Dominance

Reduce Th2 Dominance

I realize many people just want the bottom line. Here it is:

  1. Sun/UVB [24] – UVB decreases IFNy in Th1 dominance but increases it in Th2 dominance. So it’s balancing. It also decreases IgE responses. UVA in the sun also decreases Th2 dominance [25].
  2. Probiotics – Decreases Th2: L. Reuteri [26] (probiotic), L. Plantarum [27] (probiotic), L. salivarius [27] (probiotic), L. lactis [27] (probiotic) – Increases Th1: S. boulardii? [28], L. sporogenes, L. acidophilus [29], L. casei [30], L. rhamnosus GG [31], L. paracasei [32], L. salivarius [32], B. Longum [33], L. Brevis [34], L. fermentum [35]
  3. NAC/Glutathione sufficiency decreases Th2 [36] and increases Th1 [37]. 1 cap 2X a day with breakfast and lunch.
  4. Licorice – 18/β-glycyrrhetinic acid+LicoA [38, 39]. Glycyrrhizin increases IFNy and decreases the Th2 response [40, 41].
  5. Gynostemma [42]. This is a Th1 immune stimulant and reduces allergies. Gynostemma is recommended also because it’s a powerful mitochondrial enhancer.
  6. Ginger or juice the root [43, 44]. Recommended because it has anecdotal support in addition to the research, but also because you can get it everywhere, it has a long history of use and for its multitude of other benefits. My mother who is Th2 dominant finds this very helpful for her allergies.
  7. Reishi [45]. Recommended because it’s a medicinal mushroom, which has unique health properties. It works in many ways. It’s a favorite substance of mine but I don’t take anymore so that I don’t stimulate my immune system.
  8. Tinospora [46]. This has a clinical trial backing it, with some anecdotal support.
  9. Quercetin [47]

The Most Effective Devices for Treating Brain Fog


These are all very important.

Take Note

Take note that I am limited in that this is a general protocol and not tailored to an individual.

For example, people with candida experience brain fog, but this protocol isn’t meant for them. Candida is caused in part by lower immunity instead of increased immunity. Candida sufferers should not take NAG since it’s used by candida to grow and become more virulent [48]. Mannose can also cause candida to grow [49] and probably sialic acid as well. However, only a small percentage of brain fog cases are from candida in my experience and the effects are different than other types of brain fog.

The dosage that you should take depends on your case and other things you are taking.

Each case is different. With no knowledge of the individual, this is the best I can recommend. You’ll just need to experiment more with what works for you.

Also, keep in mind that brain fog, like every other chronic disease, has multiple causes and is resistant to treatment by a single intervention.

This is why it is so difficult to cure depression, anxiety, cancer, and any other chronic condition.

Once a disease takes hold, it’s the norm and while interventions can temporarily fix these problems, the body has a knack to adapt to its former diseased state.

Focusing on a single approach will not work, but it can help a little. Chronic issues need to be addressed from all angles and then once the body develops a new homeostasis, adjustments can be made. The more severe your brain fog is the more of these tools you’ll need to use.

It can take a few months for the full effect to take root, but improvements will be felt along the way.

If you take everything in one shot it will probably be too dramatic, so I encourage you to introduce one supplement at a time.

If the effects are too strong, then simply reduce the dosage or reduce the total supplement load. This is an important concept. Also, after you realize the brain fog is disappearing you can start to withdraw some of the treatments.

Don’t allow this long and comprehensive list to scare you into inertia or think some of the treatments aren’t significant.

If you can only try some, then it’s better than nothing.

Additionally, don’t use supplements as a crutch and neglect other important aspects of this regimen.

Realize that staying away from food allergens – gluten and casein, general diet, exercise, stress management, and good sleep are at the core of this plan to banish brain fog.

Additional Supplements for Infection Derived Brain Fog

People who suddenly started experiencing brain fog after an infection must use additional tools to fight off the infection. The same mechanisms are at play and therefore the regime doesn’t change, but the root cause is different and therefore some additions are required.

Possibly some pharmaceuticals should be added if this is the case.

The regimen already includes many antimicrobials and immune boosters, which would go a long way.

Brain Fog Caused by Heavy Metals

If your brain fog is caused by oxidative stress from heavy metals, then I would suggest Modified Citrus Pectin and a lot of kombucha.

MCP binds to only the harmful heavy metals in the body while leaving alone the beneficial minerals.

Kombucha is loaded with gluconate, which binds to heavy metals.

If you have issues with mercury in particular, then add in Stabilized R-Lipoic Acid. RLA is very good at excreting mercury within your cells.

Video: How The Mitochondria Makes Energy

Want More Targeted Ways to Enhance Brain Function?

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