There are many unhealthy eating habits. Too much sugar, salt, or animal products are as bad as many other healthy or unhealthy foods if you eat them in excess.

Instead of listing every food with a dose limit for how much is too much, I have four simple tips to limit unhealthy eating.

Unhealthy Food to Limit

1) Limit Calorie Intake

US standards for male calorie intake per day is around 1,500+ calories. I consume up to 800 Calories, and I try to empty my liver’s glycogen stores once a day by intermittently fasting or eating small portions.

Energy is wasted in converting sugar to fat and vice-versa. Once the liver is full of glycogen, the body doesn’t have an option about what to do with the excess.

A review found that calorie restriction improves longevity in many organisms from yeast to mammals [1].

Longevity measures include energy production, oxidative stress, insulin sensitivity, inflammation, and hormone levels. These may involve preventing cancer, heart disease, blood pressure, and diabetes [2].

2) Limit Added Sugar

A study of 32 people showed that drinking fructose-sweetened drinks is worse than glucose for obesity [3].

A meta-analysis found a correlation between drinking sugar-sweetened drinks and developing metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes [4].

Although, almost as many people develop symptoms of metabolic syndrome without sugar drinks [5].

Glucose increases insulin and glucagon-like polypeptide 1 (fullness) and lowers ghrelin (appetite) more than fructose, as found in 20 healthy adults [6].

Sugar, soft drinks, and sweetened fruit consumption correlate with developing pancreatic cancer [7].

3) Limit Artificial Sweetener

After mentioning you should limit added sugar, you should also limit artificial sweetener.

In a study of 9,514 people over a span of nine years, studies found that diet soda was associated with developing metabolic syndrome while milk prevented it [8].

A two-year study of 168 Chinese patients with hypertension found that stevia decreased blood pressure and improved quality of life [9].

4) Limit Trans Fats

In a study on 59 people, changing the trans fat content of their margarine for three weeks changed their blood cholesterol levels, raising LDL and decreasing HDL [10].

If you struggle with chronic inflammation and would like a blueprint to create the best diet for yourself, check out the SelfHacked Lectin Avoidance Diet.

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