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What is Oxaloacetate?

Oxaloacetate is a part of many metabolic reactions in the body.

Not much research has been conducted on this molecule and more research is definitely needed.

This is because the molecule has proven hard to stabilize in its isolated form [R].

However, the studies that have been done are promising.

Studies in rodents and humans have shown that Oxaloacetate can help reduce damage to the brain.

Studies have also shown that Oxaloacetate can reduce the effects of aging and even increase lifespan.

Oxaloacetate has also been shown to help treat cancer and help manage blood glucose levels.

Health Benefits of Oxaloacetate

1) Oxaloacetate Can Reverse and Prevent Brain Damage Caused By Exposure To Pesticides

Pesticides contain organophosphates. These cause high levels of glutamate in the brain [R].

A high level of glutamate in the brain leads to brain damage [R].

Oxaloacetate works to reduce levels of glutamate in the brain to reduce the damage [R].

Studies in rats have shown that oxaloacetate can prevent and reverse neural damage in the brain caused by organophosphates [R].

2) Oxaloacetate Can Help Protect The Brain After a Traumatic Brain Injury

High glutamate levels after a traumatic brain injury cause cell death in many brain cells [R].

A study done in rats showed that introducing high levels of oxaloacetate could reduce glutamate levels and decrease cell death after injury [R].

3) Oxaloacetate Can Help Reduce Neurodegenerative Effects Caused by Strokes

A study in rats showed that oxaloacetate reduces the levels of glutamate in the brain to allow for cells to survive and recover after a stroke [R].

Another study done in 365 human stroke victims confirmed this [R].

4) Oxaloacetate Can Help Prevent Neurodegenerative Diseases

Diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are in part caused by decreasing amounts of mitochondria in the brain [R].

Studies in rats have shown that oxaloacetate can help encourage the making of new mitochondria in the brain to prevent these diseases [R].

5) Oxaloacetate May Help Increase Lifespan

A study done in worms showed that oxaloacetate supplements increased lifespan [R].

Oxaloacetate worked using similar mechanisms as a caloric diet [R].

6) Oxaloacetate May Help In Reducing Aging

Methylglyoxal causes aging by causing organelle and cellular dysfunction [R].

A study done in worms showed that oxaloacetate decreased methylglyoxal levels and reduced aging effects [R].

Oxaloacetate can also reduce aging by protecting mitochondrial enzymes from oxidative damage [R].

7) Oxaloacetate May Help in Treating Brain Cancer

High levels of glutamate increase brain cancer growth and decrease patient prognosis [R].

A study done in rats showed that oxaloacetate could reduce glutamate levels in the brain and decrease brain tumor growth [R].

The lives of the rats in the study were also significantly prolonged [R].

Oxaloacetate may be a good complementary treatment to pair with chemotherapy.

8) Oxaloacetate May Help Cancer

Glutamine is an important growth element for pancreatic cancer cells [R].

Studies have shown that reducing glutamine levels can stop the cell growth of multiple forms of cancer [R].

Oxaloacetate has been shown to reduce glutamine levels and decrease cancer cell growth rates in mice [R].

It has also been shown to make chemotherapy and radiation treatment more effective [R].

9) Oxaloacetate May Help in Reducing Blood Glucose Levels

Studies in humans have shown that oxaloacetate may reduce blood glucose levels in Diabetics and in healthy subjects [R].

Human studies have also shown that oxaloacetate may improve insulin resistance [R].

This may reduce the risk of type II Diabetes.

10) Oxaloacetate May Help Reduce Risk of Heart Disease

It has been shown in animals that by acting similarly to reducing caloric intake, oxaloacetate may help to reduce the risk of heart disease [R].

It does this by increasing levels of NAD+, which causes the production of proteins that reduce the risk of heart disease [R].

11) Oxaloacetate May Help Reduce Risk of Kidney Disease

By acting similarly to reducing caloric intake, oxaloacetate may also help prevent kidney disease [R].

12) Low Oxaloacetate in Early Months of Infant Development May Cause Death

Very low levels of oxaloacetate in an infant may lead to early death due to the nervous system failing [R].

13) Oxaloacetate May Help Increase Regulation of Blood Glucose Levels

Blood glucose levels can vary significantly even in healthy individuals [R].

This can affect daily productivity levels [R].

A human study showed that oxaloacetate could help reduce variations in glucose levels and could help maintain productivity [R].

14) Oxaloacetate May Increase Energy Levels and Endurance

A study done on rats showed that oxaloacetate might improve endurance and energy levels [R].

It can do this by activating more mitochondria to increase energy production [R].

This may be especially helpful in elderly subjects or athletes.

15) Oxaloacetate Can Help Reduce Effects of Diet Rebound

After dieting, the metabolism in your body changes and this often causes a fast increase in weight.

Oxaloacetate can reduce the effects of diet rebound by reducing the body’s ability to store fat.

Dosing and Side Effects

Oxaloacetate can be found in some foods.

However, the levels of the supplement found in foods are too low to make a difference.

For effects regarding heart disease, kidney disease, aging, or endurance, relatively low doses of 100 mg can be taken per day.

For effects regarding brain trauma, brain cancer, or other forms of cancer, large doses of up to 1000mg should be taken immediately following the incidence or during treatment.

A maximum recommended dose has not been found at this point in research studies.

Studies have not discovered any side effects regarding oxaloacetate even when administered at very high doses.

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