Why Alcohol May Make You Feel Better Temporarily

Some clients say that after a night of drinking, they have relief of various symptoms (it makes me feel worse).  It’s reached a point where enough people are telling me that to pique my curiosity.

Alcohol increases endorphins [1], cortisol, uric acid and decreases the Th1 immune system.  It also increases CRH activation, which causes its euphoric feeling [2].   All of these can theoretically help in the short term.

Alcohol also increases Slow Wave and REM sleep in the first half of your sleep (by increasing adenosine, which lowers excitatory glutamate). [3]  Low doses of alcohol (1 beer) are sleep-promoting by increasing total sleep time and reducing awakenings during the night.  In insomniacs, moderate doses of alcohol actually improve sleep maintenance.  So for some people with impaired sleep, alcohol might help them a bit in the short term, even if it’s harmful to them in the long term.

How Long Does It Take For Resistant Starch to Have an Effect?

When I ingest Hi-Maize, I’ve recorded that it takes about 22 hours for it to reach my large intestines, or at least for me to start noticing an effect.   Obviously, it depends on other factors but 22 hours seems to be the norm for me.

Why does the timing matter?  Because butyrate is acidic and has wakeful and circadian rhythm effects.

Butyrate also synergizes with ketosis and if you cycle ketosis the way I suggest, then you want to get it right.

The acidity makes it ill-suited to have when you do long-lasting exercise, so you don’t want it to hit while you’re playing sports or exercising a lot.

I find it wakeful promoting and not conducive to sleep so I don’t want it to hit right when I am falling asleep or during sleep – though others differ.

Right now, I’m experimenting taking it at 9 or 10 AM so that will hit at 7 or 8 AM, just when I want to get up.  I took it at about 9 AM yesterday and it hit at 7 AM – a perfect time for me.

Butyrate does interact with our circadian rhythm.  Here’s how:

Butyrate is a ‘pan HDAC inhibitor’, which means it inhibits all HDACs.  It prefers to inhibit HDAC 1,2,3 and 8. [4] Anyway, HDAC 1 and 2 help form a complex that represses gene expression by circadian proteins (CLOCK and BMAL1).  By inhibiting HDAC 1 and 2, it will keep the circadian gene expression going.

Right now, this Hi-maize from Australia seems to be the only one available in a pound.  Mix 50g in water.

Einstein Quotes

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Lose Fat and Improve Health By Having an 8-12 Hour Eating Window

There have been many studies on limited eating windows over the years.

I recommend a 12-hour eating window from 8AM-8PM, assuming you wake up at 7 AM.  I recommend waking up 7 or earlier and going to bed early as well- I’m trying to keep this more.   If you wake up later then just adjust it accordingly.  Essentially, this means you don’t eat 3 hours before bed.

I like the 12-hour eating window because the benefits are almost the same and your sleep will be better than if you did the 8 hour one.

The study synopsis:

In the new study, nearly 400 mice, ranging from normal to obese, consumed various types of diets and lengths of time restrictions.

They found that the benefits of time-restricted eating showed up regardless of the weight of the mouse, type of diet and length of the time restriction (to some degree).

Regardless of whether their diets were high in fat and sugar or just fructose, mice that were given time restrictions of 9 to 12 gained less weight than the controls, even though they ate the same amount of calories.

12-hour  eating window periods didn’t differ significantly from 9 hours.

It made no difference if the mice ate whatever they want on the weekends and broke the 12-hour eating window structure.

The time-restricted mice also had more lean muscle mass. (5)

See this video.

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