All About Histamine: The Good and The Bad

Histamine is widely known as a substance that contributes to allergies, asthma, eczema, and coughs.

In addition, histamine is also a neurotransmitter with very important roles both in the brain and in the gut. Read this post to learn more about histamine.

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23 Proven Health Benefits of Coconut Oil in Moderation (no fluff article)

For many years, coconut oil was labeled as dangerous due to its unusually high saturated fat content – coconut oil has even more saturated fat than butter. However, now that people are coming to realize that saturated fat is not inherently bad (R, R1), the health benefits of coconut oil are being re-examined. So far, the results are promising.

Coconut oil is used in many recipes in the autoimmune lectin avoidance cookbook.

In this article, we will explore the scientific research to uncover why coconut oil, in moderation, is a powerful addition to your diet and body care regimen.

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47 Proven Health Benefits of Supplemental Zinc That Are Backed by Science (#1 is my favorite)

Zinc has so many health benefits that it’s almost impossible to cover them all in one post.  Zinc is important for balancing immunity, decreasing inflammation, as an antioxidant, cognitive function and so much more!

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Blood, Urine and Genetic Tests to Do If You Are Having Weight Problems

This post lists biological factors that can be tested in some form or another.

Testing accuracy will vary based on the type of test being done.

In general, direct blood results are the most accurate, then metabolites (in urine) and then genes.

If you’re struggling with weight issues, you want to check out which factors might be your weak links.  With enough information, you can start putting some pieces of the puzzles together and Self Hack to a better life.

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77 More Biological Mechanisms That Influence Weight

In order to understand why people are obese or too thin, you need to understand obesity from a basic biological standpoint.  Then you can dig further and see what influences these biological factors.

Being overweight or too thin are clues as to what might be going on “under the hood.”

After this post, I will have listed over 136 biological mechanisms of weight modulation.

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