15 Incredible Health Benefits of Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola (Pennywort or Centella asiatica) is known for increasing blood vessel and collagen growth with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties while preventing swelling [R].

I want to try Gotu Kola tea for the improved neurochemistry and drug interactions; it excites dopamine and has stronger effects than caffeine. Read the benefits of Gotu Kola below.

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CYP2D6 Enzyme: How it Affects Your Brain

CYP2D6 is one of the most important detoxication enzymes. CYP2D6 is responsible for the clearance of 20% of clinical drugs, including opioids (codeine, tramadol), antitumor drugs (tamoxifen), antidepressants (fluoxetine), and antipsychotics (haloperidol). In addition, CYP2D6 also metabolizes dopamine and serotonin, and the activity of this enzyme is often associated with human personality, behavior, and disease susceptibility. Read on to find out more about CYP2D6 function, gene variants, and supplements that increase or decrease CYP2D6 activity.

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CYP2C19 Enzyme: Drugs, Gene Variants, and Inhibitors

CYP2C19 is an important detoxication enzyme responsible for clearing approximately 10% of commonly used clinical drugs, including antidepressants (citalopram), proton pump inhibitors (omeprazole), and antiplatelet drugs (clopidogrel/Plavix). Elevated CYP2C19 activity is associated with depression. Read on to find our more about CYP2C19 function, gene variants, and supplements that decrease CYP2C19 activity.

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54 Natural Supplements, Agonists and Drugs to Increase Dopamine (and 12 things to AVOID)

Dopamine is the compound that fuels our drive and motivation. It increases attention, improves cognitive function, and stimulates our creativity. It makes us more social and extroverted and helps us form romantic and parental bonds. However, dopamine, when too high, can also have its drawbacks. Read on to discover 54 ways to increase dopamine and 12 factors that decrease it.

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Bromantane, or Ladasten, is a chemical made by Russians in the 80s from amantadine combined with bromobenzene [R] and is good enough to be banned in the Olympics since 1996.

Bromantane is widely used in Russia for performance enhancing and for anti-inflammation [R] and is well-known for maintaining a high working capacity [R] and to shorten recovery times after exercise [R].
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All About Histamine: The Good and The Bad

Histamine is widely known as a substance that contributes to allergies, asthma, eczema, and coughs.

In addition, histamine is also a neurotransmitter with very important roles both in the brain and in the gut. Read this post to learn more about histamine.

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Glucocorticoid Receptors: Gateways to Control Your Levels of Stress, Inflammation, and Anxiety

Glucocorticoid receptors are a type of receptors on the outside of our cells that transmit signals from glucocorticoids, such as cortisol. Poor glucocorticoid receptor function due to chronic stress and high CRH can lead to cortisol resistance, which explains why stress can worsen health problems and cause weight gain. Read this post to learn more about glucocorticoid receptors and how to optimize its function.

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Everything You Need to Know about the C-reactive Protein (CRP)

CRP plays an important role in infections. However, this protein is also a marker of low-grade inflammation and a predictor of your cardiovascular disease risk. Find out how this protein links stress, emotional and socioeconomic cues to physiological ones, and how to keep your CRP levels at bay.

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