CYP Enzymes and How They Interact With Supplements (and related genes)


CYP enzymes are essential for detoxication of toxins, drugs, and metabolic products. Some of them vary greatly between individuals, while others are more sensitive to the food we eat and the environment we are in. Several of them have been linked to cancer, while a couple of them was associated with brain function and behavior. A number of them are necessary to produce steroid hormones and all sex-related features. Read on to discover more about individual CYPs, supplements that influence their function, and the genetics and individual variability that may concern you in particular.

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Top 10 Health Benefits of LSD and Potential Risks and Side Effects (Lysergic acid Diethylamide)


LSD is a powerful tool and it can cause both good and negative effects if not taken correctly.  I took it twice a while back, a microdose and a larger dose.  I wasn’t in a good setting for it, but it was quite interesting.  Some people say it was life changing for them, while others don’t notice any long term impact (I didn’t notice anything long term).  There are many people who aren’t happy with their experience and each person must decide if it’s suited for them.

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19 Proven Health Benefits of Yoga with Mechanisms and References


Yoga is a meditative practice in motion originated in the ancient Indian religion and tradition. While it started as a spiritual practice, currently there are many scientific studies that confirm the health benefits of yoga. These benefits include increased HRV, increased BDNF, and reduced oxidative stress. Yoga can also help manage chronic diseases like cancer and multiple sclerosis. Read this post to learn more about the science-backed mechanisms that explain why yoga is beneficial and the 19 health benefits of yoga that are backed up by clinical studies.

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33 Hidden Scientific Causes of IBS That Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About

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