H. pylori Infection 101: Natural Factors that Combat H. pylori (Part 2)


Standard antibiotic therapy for H. pylori have eradication success rate of under 60%, with several long-term side effects. This post (Part 2) covers how natural nutrients and supplements can lower the rate of H. pylori colonization, reduce symptoms of infections, and improve the outcome of standard antibiotic therapy. Read this post to learn how you can help your body combat H. pylori naturally.

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12 Health Benefits and 6 Side Effects of Licorice, with References and Mechanisms


Licorice is mostly associated with candy and has been used in food and medicine for 1000 years. It contains various compounds that help with heartburn, cancer, and a leaky gut. Keep reading to learn more about its health benefits.

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24 Scientifically Proven Health Benefits of Ginger (with References and Risks)


Ginger has been revered as a culinary and medicinal spice in many traditional cultures. It is also a very powerful herb with numerous proven health benefits. Read this post to learn more about ginger and how to make the best use of ginger for your health.

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Bile Supplements


Dietary Supplements and especially bile supplements have received increased attention in recent years among consumers, researchers, and the media. Over the last decade, sales of bile supplements have remarkably raised. These supplements come in a variety of forms and are intended to confer healthy effects on the body. Continue reading this article to learn about the health effects of bile supplements.

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Foods and Supplements That Are Good or Bad For Your Liver


The Liver is a vital organ that plays a major role in various functions of the body. It regulates glycogen storage, decomposition of red blood cells, hormone production, and detoxification among other essential functions. No wonder then that there are a number of supplements touted to protect this vital organ! Listed under are supplements that are good and bad for your Liver.

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