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Environmental Consults With Dana Howell

Dana has taught me a lot about mold and CIRS, and is excellent for help with biotoxins, mold, lyme, chemical exposure, autoimmunity, and other environmental-related health issues. She’s also well-versed in my protocols and all of the SelfHacked materials.

Dana’s Health Transformation

Dana’s Health Transformation

Dana has an extensive background after greatly healing herself from a very dangerous, life-threatening place after becoming ill in Vietnam. It took a village, speaking to hundreds of intelligent doctors, biohackers, including Joe from SelfHacked, and patients, years of daily research, and a continuing passion of learning about overcoming what’s now known as Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, CFS, ME and inflammatory illness—triggered by mold, immune dysfunction, lyme-related pathogens, and biotoxins. We now know that these triggers can lead to a multitude of problems-including fibromyalgia, MS, autoimmunity, etc.  It’s exciting when these syndromes can be managed and overcome when addressing biotoxins, mold, and infections.

Dana’s Background

Her health-related work started after working for the US Embassy in Copenhagen, Denmark and teaching in Vietnam. After, she began working for 2U Medical, a medical company in Atlanta focusing on concierge services including house calls for Atlanta film production. She then began writing science-based health posts and editing podcasts with leading health specialists and researchers for SelfHacked.

She co-founded the Healthy House with Joe, a healing retreat where she tailored individualized protocols (including health coaching with diet, medical equipment protocols, and supplement plans, making sure the house was ‘safe’ with best-proven air machines and optimal air quality scores.

She co-founded and ran YourSelf Shop, co-hosted interview with Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker, pioneer of CIRS, wrote the biotoxin chapter for SelfHacked book (book coming soon) and contributed to the Lectin-Avoidance cookbook. She was also invited to interview with Yasmina from Healing Histamine (The Low Histamine Chef), has served as Business Manager for SelfDecode, and has experience working with both the US House and Senate where she focused on health care and national security. In Baltimore, MD she worked for Campaign Consultation where she was involved in many projects, including writing for their health website. 

She is most passionate about teaching others how to take control of their own health and optimizing brain function, how to avoid environmental toxins, utilizing health equipment and other effective protocols while nurturing the body with proper foods. She uses her knowledge from countless books, years of research, conferences from all over the states, and her full knowledge of SelfHacked’s protocols to guide her clients to health.

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A note:

When someone is struck with a chronic inflammatory syndrome, ME, CFS, causing MCS, autoimmunity, fibromyalgia, Crohn‘s, or other related issues with multisystemic problems, not only do they become alienated from the medical system (sometimes completely), but many times they lose their home, all possessions, their jobs from brain fog and other health problems, and an understanding from friends and family. They are left to fight on their own in a very dark and lonely place.

When biotoxin-sensitive, or environmental-affected individuals learn how to avoid environments that make them weak, support their system, and detoxify in the right way and in the correct order, they have the ability to heal.

Functional Medicine and Nutrition Consults with Nattha Wannissorn, PhD

A note from Joe: Nattha is smart, well educated and can give good information, but she has an accent that some people find hard to understand.  If you think you will have a hard time understanding her, don’t book a consult.  We have a included a video of her speaking so that you can see if you understand her.

Nattha is the Chief Editor at SelfHacked.

During her biomedical research career, Nattha became an advocate of natural medicine through her own health struggles with many Th2 dominant problems and hormone imbalances. She now helps clients with difficult chronic health issues by leaving no stone unturned and taking into account the more sensitive functional lab tests. She is also an avid self-experimenter and biohacker for all things related to women’s health.

As an integrative practitioner with a strong science background, Nattha is an advocate of holistic health and natural remedies that work, and of addressing the problems at the root causes rather than covering them up.

As a health and science educator, she is very passionate about science literacy and scientific integrity. She believes that the natural health industry should prevail through thorough scientific reporting and ethical practices.


* PhD in Molecular Genetics, University of Toronto
* Bachelor of Arts in Biology, University of Pennsylvania
* Certified Personal Trainer specialized in resistance training for women and injury management
* Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified
* Registered Holistic Nutritionist
* Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner
* Certified Superhuman Coach with Ben Greenfield

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Genetic Consult with Brendan Swan, PhD

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Dr. Brendan Swan has a PhD in Neurogenetics from the University of Auckland (New Zealand). Brendan is the Chief Scientific Officer of SelfDecode.

Brendan has had a fascination with human genetics from an early age. His PhD dissertation involved developing a method for identifying mutations that cause complex neurodevelopmental disorders, with emphasis placed on autism. He then investigated the causative mechanism of the mutations to gain insight to how these disorders arise.

To Brendan, SelfDecode represents the future of health and wellbeing – a tool that provides personalized information about an individual’s genetic variations. He sees it as a place for people to learn about how they can align their lifestyles with their genetic makeup in order to have longer, healthier, and happier lives.

You can watch Brendan’s webinar here.

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No Refund

Consults are the only service sold on SelfHacked that doesn’t come with a refund or satisfaction guarantee. This is because people spend time and they can’t take it back.