Important Equipment (no posts)

  1. Red glasses or Blue Blocking Glasses and Blue blocking light bulbs
  2. Air Purifier – my favorite one
  3. Water purifier – this is what I use currently.

Equipment With Posts

  2. LLLT
  3. Infrared Sauna
  4. Ozone (if infection)
  5. Molecular Hydrogen Machine

Other Equipment

Acupressure mat – for pain relief, stress and insomnia.  When I bought this 2 years ago, they didn’t have the top so I only have the flat mat.  I didn’t find much benefit from this but it got great reviews.  I mainly stand on it once in a while.  It’s too annoying to sleep on it.

Anti-Motion Sickness Glasses – so you can read in your ca and not get nauseous.  NASA uses these glasses to prevent motion sickness in astronauts (R).

Back support – Taking care of your back and posture is really important.  I’ve bought many back supports.  This one is the most versatile.  If you have a great chair then this isn’t necessary.

Back massager  if you have back pain.  Also refer to Vibrational device below.

Back massager, vibrating for pain relief.  This vibrating back massager can also be good for pain as well.

Bandage for ICES (3 Inch). Bandage for ICES (6 Inch).

Berkey Filtration System  – This is what I use for myself.  I can’t stand the under the sink stuff.  I’m not interested in getting a plumber and having to deal with the under the sink filters.  Been there, done that.  Moved on.

Black tape – to block out blue/white light

Blender – What I use.  1500 watts make this more powerful than a vitamix and it’s a third of the price.   If you can afford it go with the vitamix (I used to use this, so I know it’s good).  The Ninja has a a single serve feature that I like.  This reduces cleaning time and works well.

Beeswax candles – they supposedly release negative ions in the air, which purifies the air.  I haven’t seen any science on this, but it smells good, so why not.  You can put it in this crystal salt holder.  It supposedly also releases ions.  I use these, but not daily.

Blood pressure cuff – Haven’t found it to be very accurate but even if it’s not that accurate, blood pressure is one of the most important indicators of health.  Should be under 115/75 for optimal health.

Blue Blocking Glasses (more stylish) or the UVEX orange or amber glasses are bulkier and look worse, but they’re bigger and more likely to block blue coming from on top.  The red glasses really blocks out all light except red, including green.  The red glasses are ideal, but you have less visual flexibility.  You need to wear the the orange/amber ones for longer to produce melatonin, but they’re more useful when you need to see more colors.

Blue blocking light bulbs

Orange Light Bulbs – no blue, mercury free, lasts forever, and uses tiny amounts of electricity.

Book stand and this portable book stand – don’t know what I’d do without these.  My neck would probably hurt and my posture would suck.  The first one also doubles as a laptop stand. I’ve bought many book and laptop stands and I’ve settled with these.

Breathing Exerciser – to activate vagal nerve

Bright light device – large.  If you aren’t getting lots of sun during the day then I suggest you get this to reset your circadian rhythm.   Used as a mood enhancer.  It works, increases BDNF and has other positive effects.  Light is the single most powerful tool you can use to shape your circadian rhythm.

Bright Light Device – portable. If you work in an office and can’t get the big one then I’d recommend this instead.  I have this and the large one.

Chair (portable) – being outside is important.  I use this chair, as it’s very portable, relatively light, and low down so that my feet can stretch.  It has a cushion to rest your head, it folds back so you can nap on it, and  it’s got straps to carry it like a knapsack.  If you live in an urban area, you can use it on a porch, roof or fire escape (like I do).  Goes well with this seat cushion.  I have the afromentioned cushion, but this one has better ratings.

Cold Hat

Cold Vest

Cryohelmet/Ice Helmet (EBAY) – I use the adult regular size.

Cooking equipment: Stainless Universal Steamer with Cover – fits on most pots.  I also like this stainless steel steamer

Curtains (Blackout) – to make your room completely dark at night



Distiller – best rated distiller.   Buy with this.  I use this to get rid of fluoride and other residuals.  I use the berkey first  and then this.  I first filter from berkey and then put it through the distiller.  The water in the cleanest you’ll ever find – better than reverse osmosis.    You really only need the distiller, though.  For better taste use 2 carbon filters.  No matter what you have in your water, the berkey filter and distiller will get it out.  It’s likely the distiller alone with the carbon filter works, but I like the extra safety and I don’t have to clean he distiller as often.

Disposable gloves (AMZN) or Disposable Gloves (EBAY)

Elevation Training Mask – will mimic high altitudes for those at sea level who want to train in a hypoxic condition.

Enema Bag

Exercise bike with desk – I can exercise while being on my computer.  Portable.

Glucose Monitor – Fasting glucose is the single most important measurment in checking your overall health.  Also good measures are glucose after meals – 1 and 2 hours.  Random checks are also useful.  These measurements can be a useful tool to indicate health status.  If your glycemic control is off then you know it’s time to take steps towards better health.  Fasting glucose should be under 85 for optimal health.

Grounding mat


Heart Rate Variability Monitor – Checks heart rate, HRV and you can also check your recovery heart rate.  Your resting and recovery heart rate are tied with the glucose measurements for measuring your health status.  Your resting heart rate should be under 60 for optimal health and under 70 for adequate health. To measure your recovery heart rate, exercise as hard as you can for more than 10 minutes. If you run regularly, run fast. If you ride a bicycle, pedal rapidly. Then check your heart rate monitor. Your heart slows down immediately after you stop exercising. Wait exactly sixty seconds and then check your monitor again.  If your heart does not slow down at least thirty beats per minute in the first minute, you are in poor shape. If it slows down more than fifty beats in the first minute, you are in excellent shape. You can use the recovery pulse rate to measure improvements in fitness.

Ice Cube Tray

Ice Cube Maker

Ice Vest

ICES® DigiCeutical® A9a Model SystemUse the code SHCOIL to get a free coil or equivalent money off (25$).   The batteries run out really quickly and many rechargeable batteries do not fit in.  I use these rechargeable batteries.  They fit and work well. I use these two Bandages for ICES: Bandage (3 Inch) or Bandage 6 Inch.  I also use this tape to reach spots that aren’t suitable for the bandages, including my shoulder, where I got an injury.   It doesn’t really hurt when you rip the tape off.

Haven’t tried any of these: This infrared sauna is smaller.  This infrared sauna is a solo portable one and a client uses this to good effect.  This portable infrared saunais the cheapest and most convenient option, but I personally opted for the full deal.  This infrared sauna is a steam one, without the infrared. If you find a sauna that you like, comment and I’ll link to it.  I don’t care which one you buy, just buy one that you’ll use and sweat from and preferably infrared.

Infrared Light

Infrared Reatining Pants

Infrared Retaining Shirt

Infrared Mat

Infuser for teas – I’ve bought quite a couple tea infusers.  This is the most simple and elegant for a single user, because it requires less cleaning and space.  I found myself only using this after a while.

Inversion Table


Kombucha Scoby – to ferment my own kombucha.  Pretty simple.

Kettle – for brewing water

Light Therapy Vielight pocket miracle – use discount coupon code JOSEPHCOHEN for 10% off all Vielight products.  Vielights are better than the cheaper ones.

Light Therapy Vielight 810  – use discount coupon code JOSEPHCOHEN for 10% off all Vielight products.

Light Therapy Vielight 655  – use discount coupon code JOSEPHCOHEN for 10% off all Vielight products.

Light Therapy – Intranasal LLLT (AMZN)

Light Therapy– LLLT (light relief) -850nm-  I like that you can take off the rubber part and more easily use it over broader areas of the head/thyroid.  I use this on various parts of the brain and on my thyroid and thymus.  Good for arthritis, too.   The ratings are bad because of bad customer service and over-hyping their product.  It definitely has an effect, though.  My only problem with this is the blue light it gives off…so I use Black tape to cover it.

Light Therapy  -UFO Red Light 660nm….Has different effects than the other one that I recommend.  Get both.  This is a good 660nm grow light.

Light Therapy (CCTV)– LLLT 850nm (AMZN).  Put on head.  This one only has infrared, as opposed to the light relief.  I like both of them.  Here’s a plug for it.  I like the light relief device better, but you need to cover the blue light on it with black tape.  I use both…

Magnetico sleep pad…I use the “Super Sleep System”.  You probably won’t get the results from the weaker versions. So if you do your own research and you decide to buy it you can use the code JC15 for 15% off.


The Zinus is a good one to use with the magnetico….They are certiPUR-US.  They are made and certified to be without ozone depleters, PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (“Tris”) flame retardants, heavy metals, formaldehyde, phthalates and low in VOCs.

Pill Dispenser

Pill dispenser (bigger)

Pressure Cooker – to get rid of lectins

Pull-up bar – best before meals.  Best exercise out there.  Cheap, quick and effective.

Push-up bar – best before meals.  These make push-ups a bit more challenging, so it allows you to build a bit more than regular push-ups.

Pulse Oximeter – Simple tool for measuring heart rate and oxygen saturation.  Resting heart rate ideally should be under 60 and oxygen 99%.

Ph paper – to measure acidity/alkalinity of my urine and to test the acidity of kombucha, which is an indicator of how ready it is.  This is the best paper I’ve found.

Red glasses (AMZN)

Resistance Band – for biceps, shoulders.

RF Meter – to measure high frequency EMFs.

Shampoo for balding males – This shampoo has the best ingredients.  I bought it three times, but haven’t bought it recently since I’m not very worried about balding these days.  Goes well with this Lipogaine hair loss product.   I can’t say I’ve noticed a difference, but I bought them because they had the best ingredients.

Scale for measuring weight and percentage body fat. Confirm body fat percentage with this caliper.

Scale for measuring powders.  Buy this scale for measuring food.  I think this is a necessary item for measuring out powders, food portions, etc..

Sleep mask with ear plugs (AMZN), a cheaper one (AMZN) (more comfortable for me), or Sleep Mask (IHERB) and a heatable sleep mask (AMZN), which also smells like lavender.

Standing desk – I use a cabinet file, but if you don’t have any makeshift standing desk then I suggest you get this.  Standing is a simple way to improve health.

Steam Sauna is not as good as infrared sauna, but better than nothing.


Thermometer (Digital) – to help check thyroid function

TENS unit  I’ve never used it but if I did have pain, I’d give this one a go.

Temperature gun – needed to see what temperature your fish is cooking at, what temp kombucha is brewing, etc…

Tongue Depressor – to stimulate gag relfex and vagus nerve

Toothpaste (AMZN) or Toothpaste (IHERB)

Treadmill Desk – I’d recommend this to anyone who doesn’t already have treadmill and can afford it. If you have a treadmill then get this add-on.  Again, haven’t bought this, but I plan to get one of these tools at some point.  I’m recommending these based on the ratings they got and my desire to buy one.

Trifield Meter – to measure EMFs

UVB 200 intense bulb 26-watt -If you aren’t getting any sun, it make sense to use this.  Don’t overuse

UVA+UVB+Heat+Visible Light Lamp (AMZN)

UVB Lamp (rayminder) (AMZN)

UVB Lamp (Sperti, Best One)

UV Umbrella 1

UV Umbrella 2

UV Umbrella 3

Vibrating Massage Belt – Bad ratings, but when I used to play sports and get really sore I found using this completely abolished the soreness.  I’d put it on the highest level for 10 minutes and the area would start to itch.  The soreness/pain disappeared immediately.  Haven’t had a need for it since.  I’ve only used it on sore muscles.

Vibrational plate (whole body vibration) – I actually have this one.  I recommend the former because it got better reviews.  The claims about weight loss are bunk.  I found it helped with circulation and can enhance supplements that you take by dispersing them throughout your body better.

Wake up alarm .If you don’t have sun then this wake up alarm isn’t a bad tool.