Tribulus Terrestris is a plant used around the world for its many health benefits. It can protect the heart, help treat depression, and even increase libido. Read more below to learn all about its effects.

What is Tribulus?

Tribulus Terrestris is a spiny Mediterranean plant found across the globe (R, R).

Tribulus supplements come in pill and powder form. The supplements usually contain the flower and aerial parts of the plant (R).

Health Benefits of Tribulus Terrestris

1) Tribulus Lowers Blood Pressure

In a study with hypertensive subjects, 3g of Tribulus fruit and plant extract taken daily reduced both blood pressure and heart rate after one week. Tribulus has anti-hypertensive effects on both systolic and diastolic pressures (R).

2) Tribulus Reduces Cholesterol Levels

In patients with high blood pressure, 3g daily supplementation can help lower cholesterol levels (R).

3) Tribulus Protects the Heart

Compounds from Tribulus Terrestris can help protect against heart disorders. It also protects heart cells from cell death (R, R).

These effects occur when Tribulus is at a low concentration,

4) Tribulus Might Help Treat Depression

In mice, very high doses of Tribulus Terrestris reduced symptoms of depression. However, its effects are not as powerful as antidepressants (R).

5) Tribulus Improves Insulin Levels

Compounds in Tribulus can help reduce diabetic effects. Tribulus reduces blood glucose levels while improving insulin levels in mice after 8 weeks of treatment (R).

6) Tribulus May Increase Libido

Tribulus supplementation can increase sperm count in men with oligozoospermia (low sperm count). It also found that Tribulus supplementation induced an improvement in erectile properties (R).


If used for libido or erectile dysfunction reasons, take 6g of Tribulus root twice daily (before food in the morning and at night) (R)

If used for hypertension, take 3g of Tribulus fruit and aerial parts in the morning before food (R).


Athletes and bodybuilders use Tribulus because they believe it increases testosterone concentrations. However, evidence supporting such claims are lackluster. Multiple trials carried out with control groups revealed that taking Tribulus alone had no effect on testosterone levels in humans (RR).

Although Tribulus is widely marketed as a solution for sexual dysfunctions and infertility, such claims are unsubstantiated. It seems that sperm count and quality did not vary significantly between the control group and the experimental group. In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study, the Tribulus granules failed to significantly outperform the placebo (R).

Long term use does not show any major side effects (R).

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