23 Proven Health Benefits of Coconut Oil in Moderation (no fluff article)


For many years, coconut oil was labeled as dangerous due to its unusually high saturated fat content – coconut oil has even more saturated fat than butter. However, now that people are coming to realize that saturated fat is not inherently bad (R, R1), the health benefits of coconut oil are being re-examined. So far, the results are promising.

Coconut oil is used in many recipes in the autoimmune lectin avoidance cookbook.

In this article, we will explore the scientific research to uncover why coconut oil, in moderation, is a powerful addition to your diet and body care regimen.

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17 Nutrients That Vegans and Vegetarians Aren’t Getting Enough Of


Vegan diets are often praised for their health benefits. However, there are many nutrients that are only found in animal products. Vegans should carefully observe the levels of intake for the nutrients listed below in order to maintain good health.  Vegans with autoimmune, gut or chronic inflammatory issues need to stay far away from a vegan diet even if they supplement with these 16 nutrients.

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20 Science-Based Health Benefits of Intermittent Fasting And How to Do It


Dieting can be a difficult and frustrating way to lose weight. Intermittent fasting is a simple and effective strategy for getting lean while maintaining muscle mass.

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47 Proven Benefits of Zinc That Are Backed by Science (#1 is my favorite)


Zinc has so many health benefits that it’s almost impossible to cover them all in one post.  Zinc is important for balancing immunity, decreasing inflammation, as an antioxidant, cognitive function and so much more!

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The Lectin Avoidance Cookbook: The Safest Foods For People With Autoimmunity and Food Sensitivities


We’re excited to finally release our first book!  This cookbook is for people who are sensitive to many foods and want great tasting, low inflammatory foods.  This book is for people with autoimmune issues, chronic inflammation, IBS, IBD, CFS or anyone who wants some new and interesting recipes.

Check it out!

-Hope you like 🙂

In this cookbook, we have 51 recipes and counting.  The price is $17.  After you pay for the book, you will be redirected to a link where you can download the book.  The redirect takes about 5-10 seconds, so be patient.  If you have any issues, email support+cookbook@selfhacked.com.

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Updates to SelfDecode

With SelfDecode, our goal is to have a health dashboard that users can see what their biology is like.  We are trying to build a great tool so that we can make everyone optimally healthy.  We have moved closer to that goal:

  • We have added a bunch of new packs to our SNP analyzer as promised
  • We have updated our algorithm for the SNP analyzer

Screenshot 2016-08-26 09.48.24

We have a lot of new improvements in store.  We plan on adding more packs, more information to each one, and curating the existing packs more nicely.

We are adding fixes to the site.

We are working on a tool that will automatically recommend solutions based on thousands of SNPs.  We will include symptoms and blood results as well in the future.

The health revolution is coming, and we hope to be at the forefront of your health.

If you don’t have your genetics from 23andme, make sure to get it and sign up for SelfDecode after you receive your results.  Tell your friends as well!  The more people support the project, the more we can exponentially improve SelfDecode!

We will keep working tirelessly on your behalf until every person is optimally healthy and is equipped with the best data about their biology.

Thanks for your support!

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The Science of Ozone Therapy: Lower Inflammation and Inactivate Infections


Since the beginning of time we’ve put health concepts in tiny bins and labeled them as “good,” or “bad,” like high-fat diets, or antioxidant supplements…until we realize these little cubbies aren’t always so black and white.

Ozone has suffered similar treatment.  

There are two main points to remember when someone categorizes ozone as evil: all ozone isn’t the same (atmospheric ozone is not the same as pure, therapeutic ozone), and it’s the dose that makes the poison (which can be said about most beneficial therapies).

By grouping atmospheric ozone gas and ozone therapy together, we’ve turned our backs on the beneficial effects ozone therapy has on certain health disorders.

I think we’ll see more people jumping on the ozone therapy bandwagon, following in the footsteps of Healthcare in Europe.Read More

Hydrogen Water: Drink Your Way to a Longer Life


When I first heard about hydrogen water, scam bells started to go off in my brain.  But then I started to read and realized that hydrogen water has serious potential and some interesting studies.

Hydrogen water contains hydrogen molecules that act as powerful antioxidants. These molecules help neutralize oxygen free radicals that contribute to disease development, inflammation, and aging. Read more to learn about the miraculous benefits of hydrogen water!

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Top 19 Substances Found in Plant Based Foods That Can Cause Inflammation


When I was 20, I read “The China Study“, which listed the miracles of a plant-based diet.  In my experiments, I’ve found that the fewer plants I eat, the healthier I am.

I’ve listed 15 chemicals found mostly in ‘plant-based’ foods that can cause chronic inflammation and autoimmunity.  Each person has a different immune system and can react differently to these substances.  I’ve tried to list them in the order of importance for most people.

The foods mainly fall under the category of plant-based foods and secondarily cured meats.

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