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Bromantane, or Ladasten, is a chemical developed by Russian scientists in the 80s from amantadine combined with bromobenzene, and has been banned in the Olympics since 1996. [R]

Bromantane is widely used in Russia for performance enhancing and for anti-inflammation, and is well-known for maintaining a high working capacity. It is also known to shorten recovery times after exercise [RRR].

Bromantane Effects

1) Bromantane Improves Brain Function

Bromantane increases amounts of dopamine and serotonin in the brains of rats [R, R]. Thus, bromantane increases alertness and wakefulness [R].

Also, bromantane improves short-term memory, motivation, planning abilities, and attention in rats [R].

Bromantane induces euphoria, as found in rats [R, R].

It enhances the activity of the nervous system and in toxic doses inhibits the cholinergic system [R, R].

It also improves productivity, vigilance, and motor performance [R].

Transparent human head with a brain in 3d space. Blue abstract f

2) Bromantane Improves Brain Waves

People with high alpha waves increased low-beta and decreased high-beta waves with the use of Bromantane, while people with low alpha waves decreased low-beta and increased high-beta waves [R].

This suggests that if you are drowsy, bromantane wakes you up, and if you are awake bromantane raises consciousness.

3) Bromantane Improves Heart Function


Bromantane increases the blood pumped by the hearts of rats [R].

4) Bromantane Increases Sex Drive

Bromantane after three days was found to increase wanting to have sex, and after two months also wanting to receive sex, in a study performed on rats. The effects were dose-dependent (more bromantane for more sex drive) [R].

5) Bromantane Helps Personality Disorders

Using bromantane reduces the symptoms of personality disorders in humans [R].

6) Bromantane Helps Anxiety


Bromantane improves anxiety, since it improves GABA activity, increases energy, and normalizes sleep cycles (reducing asthenia) [R, R, R].

7) Bromantane Improves Depression-Caused Inflammation

Bromantane decreased IL-6, IL-17, IL-4, and TNF-alpha in depressed mice [R].

Also, it improved social skills and restored immune system organs in mice [R].

Hands of scientist giving injection to rat in laboratory

8) Bromantane Improves Offspring Learning

In rats, bromantane’s learning benefits are passed on to infant rats [R].

9) Bromantane Improves Reproduction

Male mice with bromantane had increases in the number and mobility of sperm and females lost fewer embryos once fertilized [R].


Bromantane in rats keeps adrenaline and noradrenaline in the blood instead of lost in urine [R].

PKC is increased in rats by ridiculously high doses (50 mg/kg bodyweight) of bromantane to quicker contract muscles, ejaculate, and excite neurons, by increasing thyroid hormones and AAAD (makes serotonin and dopamine) [R].


Bromantane in rats (50 mg/kg body weight) increases amyloid beta precursor protein, HIF1A, and alcohol dehydrogenase and decreases NPAS2 [R].

  • NPAS2 makes NREM sleep appear more like REM [R, R]
  • HIF1A helps in coping under low oxygen [R]
  • Alcohol dehydrogenase helps recovery from alcohol [R]
  • Amyloid beta precursor protein causes Alzheimer’s disease [R]

Bromantane increases APC, RB1, TUBA1, and ACTB [R].

Also, bromantane decreases HSPA1L, CALM1, STX1A, and STX1B [R].

Bromantane Risks

A curcumin melatonin hybrid has much the same effects on amyloid beta precursor protein, yet is not for sale [R].

Although, plain old curcumin or melatonin works as well [R, R, R].

Galantamine, carnosine, PQQ, Icariin, increasing LXR, bacopa, astaxanthin, CBD oil, Resveratrol, phosphatidylserine, a ketogenic diet, ginseng, and pycnogenol also all help to lower APP [R].

There are no withdrawal symptoms from bromantane, therefore no addiction potential [R].

Bromantane Side Effects


There have not been many reported negative side effects with the use of Bromantane, particularly the lack of withdrawal symptoms if one does stop taking it. However, some do report mild side effects of fatigue, depression, and brain fog [R].

Bromantane Dosage

Standard doses are 50-100 mg per day, although athletes might dose higher, negative effects are found after dosing 3000+ mg [R].

The half-life of Bromantane is 11-21 hours. This means that after dosing at 50 mg for a week you will theoretically have 65-100 mg in your blood, and after dosing 100 mg for a week, you will theoretically have 130-200 mg in your blood.

Bromantane Reviews


“If you have low dopamine, this is the compound for you. After dosing regularly for a week my motivation and energy levels increased and so did pleasure from ordinary activities.

Many people give up on it early because it is not your average stimulant that gives an instant high.

It requires repeated doses, preferably in accordance to official instruction, and over time dopamine levels will be increased. Risks regarding Alzheimers are overblown.

The anticholinergic effect happens at doses well above the recommended amount.

Even water can kill you if you have too much.

Still, it is another example that we should be careful to measure our doses accurately, do not stray far from the appropriate amount, and cycle your nootropics.” [R]


“It was by far the best nootropic I’ve tried (out of 80+ different substances). All day energy and wanting to exercise. Workout were literally a breeze and euphoric. Extremely anxiolytic.

I was wondering if it was making me hypomanic, which I think it was…. Because I could barely sleep but had heaps of energy.” [R]


“I’ve been taking bromantane for the last few months and it has a very caffiene-esque body buzz at 150mgs or so for me at 250lbs. That being said it also has worked wonders for my anxiety. It took plenty of trial and error for the dosage but I think 150mg is my sweet spot for now.” [R]


“It’s great for anxiety and confidence, energy & stamina, overall resilience and depression. What good is being smart and productive if you have difficulty facing and dealing with the world?” [R]


“Tianeptine should synergize with bromantane in disinhibiting the release of DA, while semax has some power on its own, and many state it can potentiate other stuff too.

As for who say that bromantane doesn’t work for them, I say that they look at it incorrectly: it is not an amphetamine or stuff like that, it should work just like an antidepressant, it slowly builds its modifications in brain chemistry over time; if after 4 weeks you still have no positive results, then you can ditch it.” [R]

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